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Faculty and doctoral students in the Department of Management at the University of Memphis developed and are part of a research consortium consisting of management scholars from premier universities in the mid-south region and nearby areas of the U.S. The goal of the Mid-south Management Research Consortium (MMRC) is to strengthen and broaden faculty and doctoral students' research programs as well as foster research collaborations.  Members of MMRC meet annually to discuss their preliminary research ideas, study designs, theory development, working research papers, dissertation projects, data-analytic strategies, organizational research methods, and potential collaborative research projects.  Below is a list of MMRC members along with their affiliations and research interests.

MMRC Coordinator:  Dr. Chuck Pierce (

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MMRC 2016 meeting: Dates TBA.  Gatton College of Business and Economics, U of Kentucky, Lexington KY

Keynote Speakers 2016:  TBA

*MMRC 2015 Program: U of Memphis*

*MMRC 2014 Program: U of Alabama*

*MMRC 2013 Program: U of Memphis*

*MMRC 2012 Program: U of Memphis*

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Name University Research Interests
Dr. Garry Adams Auburn Strategy: corporate governance, power & politics in organizations, organizational learning, merger & acquisition integration processes
Dr. David Allen Memphis HR mgmt: employee recruitment, retention, & turnover, newcomer socialization tactics &  social networks, HR technology
Dr. Danielle Ammeter Ole Miss HR mgmt/Organizational Behavior: talent management, frame-of-reference training, employee prestige, respect, & role identity
Dr. Tony Ammeter Ole Miss Strategy/Information Systems: e-commerce, technical & knowledge-based employees, political skill in organizations, outsourcing & offshoring, software engineering, leadership, trust, communication
Dr. Craig Armstrong Alabama Strategy/Entrepreneurship: entrepreneurial decision making, bricolage and resourcefulness, absorptive capacity, business models and strategic competition
Dr. LaKami Baker Auburn Strategy/Entrepreneurship: strategic decision making, family firm performance
Dr. Tim Barnett Miss St Organizational Behavior & Entrepreneurship: organizational ethics & ethical decision making, family business
Dr. Mark Bing Ole Miss HR mgmt/Organizational Behavior: human resource selection, personality measurement, selection test development & validation, counterproductive workplace behavior, organizational research methods
Dr. Jason Colquitt Georgia Organizational Behavior: organizational justice, trust & trustworthiness, personality influences on task & learning behavior
Dr. Jim Combs Alabama Strategy/Entrepreneurship: corporate governance, family business, franchising, meta-analysis
Dr. T. Russell Crook Tennessee Strategy/Entrepreneurship: firm performance, outsourcing, supply chains, organizational research methods
Dr. Walter Davis Ole Miss Organizational Behavior: corporate citizenship, goal orientation & task performance, high performance work systems
Dr. Kristl Davison Ole Miss HR mgmt/Organizational Behavior: human resource selection, organizational justice, legal issues & diversity
Dr. David Dawley West Virginia HR mgmt/Organizational Behavior: job embeddedness, employee turnover, organizational commitment, post-bankruptcy outcomes
Dr. John Delery Arkansas HR mgmt: strategic HR management, structure of HR mgmt systems, high performance/commitment work systems, employee selection
Dr. Clay Dibrell Ole Miss Strategy: family business, corporate social responsibility, natural environments, market orientation, firm innovativeness
Dr. Paul Drnevich Alabama Strategy/Entrepreneurship: competitive advantage, value creation & appropriation, firm performance, entrepreneurship & innovation, small business, virtual environments, agent-based simulations, strategic decision making
Dr. Randy Evans UT-Chattanooga HR mgmt/Organizational Behavior: corporate citizenship, job performance, deviance, OCB, proactivity, strategic HR mgmt
Dr. Frances Fabian Memphis Strategy/Entrepreneurship: on-line communities, complexity theory, cognition & decision making
Dr. Samantha Fairclough Ole Miss Strategy: maintenance & micro-foundations of institutions; institutional logics; strategic management of family businesses
Dr. Walter Ferrier Kentucky Strategy: competitive actions-reactions among rivals, top management team demographics & decision making, inter-firm social networks & competitive strategy
Dr. Mark Gavin West Virginia Organizational Behavior: leadership, emotions, trust, multilevel phenomena/HLM, structural equations modeling, organizational research methods
Dr. Richard Gentry Ole Miss Strategy/Entrepreneurship: behavioral theory of the firm, entrepreneurship
Dr. Maria Gondo Ole Miss Strategy: strategy implementation, organizational change, routines, institutional theory
Dr. Jodi Goodman West Virginia Organizational Behavior: training & development; learning & adaptive expertise; evidence-based management; organizational responses to public policy, competitive, & market environments; organizational research methods  
Dr. Jonathon Halbesleben Alabama Organizational Behavior: healthcare management, job stress, burnout
Dr. Joyce Heames West Virginia HR mgmt/Organizational Behavior: workplace aggression, productive revenge, work-life balance, job search process
Dr. Han Jiang Memphis Strategy/Entrepreneurship: social networks & social capital; strategic leadership & managerial decision making; interfirm relationships; corporate governance
Dr. Micki Kacmar Texas State HR mgmt/Organizational Behavior: ethics, organizational politics, impression management, organizational entry
Dr. Katherine Karl UT-Chattanooga HR mgmt/Organizational Behavior: workplace policies on social networking, fun, romance, & attire; student incivility; nontraditional PhD programs
Dr. Ben Kedia Memphis Strategy/International Business: cross-cultural & comparative mgmt, international business strategy
Dr. Franz Kellermanns UNC-Charlotte Strategy/Entrepreneurship: family business
Dr. Dave Ketchen Auburn Strategy/Entrepreneurship: franchising, strategic supply chain management, superior organizational performance, organizational research methods
Dr. Giuseppe (Joe) Labianca Kentucky Strategy/Organizational Behavior: social networks, interpersonal conflict, schemas & cognition
Dr. Lisa Lambert Georgia State HR mgmt/Organizational Behavior: psychological contracts & employment relationships, leadership, P-E fit, social comparisons, social exchange, organizational justice, organizational research methods 
Dr. Bruce Lamont Florida State Strategic Management: strategic leadership, corporate & structural reorganization, integration of mergers & acquisitions, knowledge investments, novel reorientations of organizational theory 
Dr. Lou Marino Alabama Strategy/Entrepreneurship: strategic alliances, business-government relationships, mergers & acquisitions, new venture creation
Dr. Laura Marler Miss St Organizational Behavior: change, proactive personality & behavior, touch & workplace behavior
Dr. Jeff Martin Alabama Strategy: highly dynamic markets, microfoundations of dynamic capabilities
Dr. James Meurs Ole Miss HR mgmt/Organizational Behavior: occupational health & well-being, political skill, personality, work-family issues, prediction of job performance
Dr. Kevin Mossholder Auburn HR mgmt/Organizational Behavior: employee attachment & withdrawl, relational processes in organizations, organizational research methods
Dr. Tim Munyon Tennessee HR mgmt/Organizational Behavior: HR processes, job & work design, employee performance, social influence processes 
Dr. Anne O'Leary-Kelly Arkansas HR mgmt/Organizational Behavior: aggressive behavior in the workplace (violence, sexual harassment), individual attachments to work organizations (psychological contracts, organizational & professional identification)
Dr. Chuck Pierce Memphis HR mgmt/Organizational Behavior: workplace romance, sexual harassment in organizations, test bias & discrimination in employee selection, managerial ethics & ethical decision making, organizational research methods
Dr. Rhonda Reger Tennessee Strategy/Entrepreneurship: competitive dynamics, reputation & identity after wrongdoing, influence of third party infomediaries on firm performance
Dr. Bob Renn Memphis Organizational Behavior: self-defeating behavior, self-leadership, work motivation, goal setting, work design, job performance
Dr. Jessica Rodell Georgia Organizational Behavior: organizational justice, employee volunteering, emotions in the workplace
Dr. Chris Rosen Arkansas HR mgmt/Organizational Behavior: employee-organization exchange relationships, measurement & modeling of personality, occupational health & well being, social contextual influences on attitudes & behavior, organizational research methods
Dr. Alex Rubenstein Memphis HR mgmt/Organizational Behavior: newcomer socialization & adjustment; employee turnover; interpersonal relationships at work; individual differences in intelligence & personality
Dr. Jennifer Sexton West Virginia Strategy: organizational learning, knowledge-based and resource-based perspectives, innovation, mergers & acquisitions
Dr. Chris Shook Auburn Strategy/Entrepreneurship: entrepreneurial opportunities, strategic decision making, reciprocal relationship between firm performance & strategy, organizational research methods
Dr. Chris Thomas St. Louis HR mgmt/Organizational Behavior: employee engagement, leadership, mentoring, career development
Dr. Christine Quinn Trank Vanderbilt Organization Theory: organizational identity, institutional environment of organizations & occupations
Dr. James Vardaman Miss St HR mgmt/Organizational Behavior: healthcare mgmt, leadership, employee retention & turnover
Dr. Alan Walker Auburn HR mgmt/Organizational Behavior: multisource feedback, employee engagement, morale, retention, spirituality/religiosity, ethics, satisfaction, commitment, firm profitability
Dr. Marilyn Whitman Alabama Health Care mgmt: health policy, diversity management, cultural & linguistic competence
Dr. David Woehr UNC-Charlotte HR mgmt/Organizational Behavior: performance measurement, managerial assessment, applied psychometrics
Dr. Peter Wright Memphis Strategy: corporate governance, agency theory, tournament theory, valuation of firm investments
Dr. Jun Xia UT-Dallas Strategy/Organization Theory/International Business: social networks, termination of venture capital investments, national industry standards making, performance implications of interpersonal and interfirm networks, outcomes of joint ventures, strategies of multinational firms

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