Honors Students Study Costa Rican Culture on Spring Break

Contact: Gabrielle Maxey


March 25, 2015 - During their spring break, nine honors students from the U of M and their professor visited Costa Rica as part of their course on Costa Rican culture.

Dr. Robin Rash, senior lecturer in foreign languages, accompanied his students to the Central American nation, where they spent eight days and engaged in numerous activities, including ziplining in the mountains, snorkeling in the reef at Tortuga Island, hiking at the Poás Volcano and the park at La Paz. Students also visited one of the great coffee plantations in Costa Rica, Café Britt, toured Manuel Antonio National Park, and spent a day of community service at the Montessori School of La Carpio.

"It was a marvelous conclusion to the course," said Rash. "Costa Rica is about the size of the state of Vermont, yet it has more flora and fauna than the U.S. and Canada combined. The Costa Ricans abolished their army in 1949. Over the decades much of the money previously spent on the military has been used to improve education and health care. They have the highest standard of living of any country in Central America. I've spent about 17 years of my life overseas, and Costa Rica is the most fascinating country I've ever visited. Many of my students did not want to return home."

Costa Rica

Dr. Robin Roach (second from right) and his students enjoyed ziplining and other activities as they explored the culture of Costa Rica.