What type of research lights your mind up?

Examples of Previously Funded Undergraduate Research Projects at the UofM by STEM Discipline

Research is such a big part of your college experience. So let's have a conversation about the kind of research that interests you. What lights your mind up? To give you an idea of the kinds of projects previously funded through MemphiSTEM for Undergraduate Research Fellowships, just click the links below. Needless to say, there is an enormous variety of STEM research that takes place on campus. To start getting hands-on, reach out to faculty in your major to learn about current research opportunities. They want to hear from you!


Biomedical Engineering


Civil Engineering

Computer Engineering

Computer Science

Earth Sciences

Electrical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering




EVEN MORE Opportunities for Research Experience

The quickest way to start engaging in research is to find the STEM faculty with research grants who are seeking undergraduate researchers. Your STEM advisor should be able to point you in the right direction, or you can go directly to faculty working in fields that you are into. To schedule an appointment with STEM advisor, Ms. Regina Hairston, contact her at rhairstn@memphis.edu today.  There are also opportunities outside the UofM. Check out the following links:

Duke Engineering URE

Students in any field of engineering or the hard sciences may apply to the program, not just engineering students.

National Science Foundation REU Site

(Includes link to Search for an REU Site)

Please click here for a Research Skills Tip Sheet and get some information about library resources.