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 Mar. 2015 Brian Janz receives 2014 Schulze Award

Dr. Brian Janz, professor of MIS, was recently awarded the 2014 Schulze Award for his article entitled "After the Big Idea: Entrepreneurial Success through High Performance Start-Up Teams." His article was published in conjunction with the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Exchange (EIX). EIX is an open-access platform for students, faculty, and practitioners of entrepreneurship. Its goal is to spotlight innovations, new ideas, and important research more quickly than traditional scholarly journals and to subject them to the rigors of peer review and the marketplace sooner.

The Schulze Award recognizes the quality and influence Dr. Janz has made to the EIX and to the study and practice of entrepreneurship. In gratitude of his contribution, an academic scholarship of $1,500 will be donated by the Richard Schulze Foundation* to the Fogelman College of Business and Economics per Dr. Janz's request.

This scholarship is intended to support students interested in entrepreneurship, but the selection of the students to receive the benefits of this scholarship is open to all.

To read Dr. Janz's full article, please click here.

May 2014

Chen Zhang awarded the George Johnson Professorship


Chen Zhang, Assistant Professor of MIS, was recently awarded the George Johnson Professorship. This award recognizes faculty members who have demonstrated outstanding contributions in achieving the college's mission in research, teaching and service. The professorship carries a five-year appointment and an annual stipend of $10,000.

"I enjoy challenges. As an Assistant Professor, and as a busy mom, I have found it challenging but exciting to do my very best in the classroom, publish in the top tier journals, serve the college and my field. This award is a great honor and wonderful motivation for me to keep addressing new challenges. I am very thankful to Mr. Johnson and the college for their efforts in moving this institution forward", said Dr. Zhang.

Dr. Zhang has published three articles in the elite journal Information Systems Research, in the past five years. This effort has helped move the MIS Department into the top 50 MIS departments in the world publishing in the top quality AIS-6 journals. In addition, Dr. Zhang is an award-winning teacher and advisor to PhD students. She has also actively participated in numerous leadership and service roles, such as co-chairing the MIS Department's Research Colloquium and serving as a member of the College Strategic Planning Initiative.

Feb. 2014

Robin Poston awarded Ron Hart Emerging Leader Professorship


Robin Poston, Associate Professor and Ph.D. Coordinator of MIS, was recently awarded the Ron Hart Emerging Leader Professorship. This award recognizes faculty members who have demonstrated leadership skills and success in advancing programs within Fogelman College. The professorship carries a five-year appointment and an annual stipend of $5,000.

"This professorship encourages those in higher education to keep moving forward and challenging the status quo," said Dr. Poston. "I feel lucky to work at an institution that is dedicated to improving the quality of education we provide, and I am honored to be recognized for my contributions to this effort."

Dr. Poston has actively participated in many leadership roles, such as chairing the MBA Assessments Group and leading the College Strategic Planning Initiative. Dr. Poston is also working to put together a program called Vision 20/20. In various capacities, Dr. Poston is focused on encouraging Ph.D. students to think rigorously while addressing relevant business problems, to connect Project Management Institute mentors with Fogelman students and to work with industry and government in research programs to expand software capabilities.

Dec. 2013

Bill Kettinger chairs SIM/MISQE Workshop on "Business Payoff of Cloud Services" in Milan, Italy


Bill Kettinger served as a program chair for the 2013 SIM/MISQE Academic Workshop on "Business Payoff of Cloud Services" in Milan, Italy on December 14, 2013 at Universita Bocconi - Milan, Italy.

The intent of the SIM - Society for Information Management - and MIS Quarterly Executive Academic Workshop was to examine the strategic business opportunities and management challenges resulting from the tremendous growth in cloud based services. Authors were encouraged to submit in-depth case and/or field studies that analyzed key business practices offering insights on what has proven to work. This workshop is a prelude to a MISQ Executive special issue on the same topic for which Dr. Kettinger is co-editor.

Sept. 2013 Judy Simon receives approval for National Science Foundation (NSF) grant
Dr. Judy Simon, Professor of Management Information Systems and Co-Director of the Center for Information Assurance, has been awarded a two-year National Science Foundation (NSF) grant. This grant is in collaboration with investigators at Jackson State Community College and Tennessee Technical University. Its long-term goal is to increase the number of women employed in cybersecurity careers by providing them with summer workshops containing interesting and engaging activities that are related to cybersecurity career topics. This grant gives Dr. Simon two grants within the same year, as she also received a Department of Defense (DoD) grant for the 2013-2014 academic year. Dr. Simon has received numerous DoD grants in previous years, either to provide scholarships for students interested in information assurance careers or to provide content that faculty can use to cover specific information assurance topics that are relevant for their courses.

Aug. 2013 Bill Kettinger mentor at 'PhD project' and AMCIS Doctoral Consortium
Bill Kettinger was an invited presenter at the 'The PhD Project Information Systems Doctoral Students Association Conference', in Chicago August 13-14 . The PhD Project's mission is to increase the diversity of corporate America by increasing the diversity of business school faculty. The PhD Program attempts to attract African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans and Native Americans to business Ph.D. programs, and provide a network of peer support on their journey to becoming professors. Dr. Kettinger discussed hiring strategies with participants and conducted mock interviews with a select group of meeting participants. Dr. Kettinger was also invited to be a mentor and presenter at the 2013 AMCIS Doctoral Consortium on August 15 in Chicago. The AMCIS Doctoral Consortium seeks to help Information Systems doctoral students in the middle of later part of their doctoral studies to develop an effective career plan based on their personal and professional goals. Dr. Kettinger presented on "Getting a Job as an MIS Professor."

Aug. 2013 Judy Brown and Brian Janz win George Johnson Awards

Two MIS faculty members were the inaugural recipients of the George Johnson Fellowship Awards program at the fall faculty meeting. These fellowships, supported by FCBE alumnus George Johnson, are awarded to faculty members each year for their significant contributions in the areas of research, teaching or service.

Dr. Brian Janz, Professor of Management and Information Systems, was awarded the George Johnson Teaching Fellow. Dr. Judy Brown, Management Information Systems Professor, was awarded the George Johnson Service Fellow.

Jun. 2013

Bill Kettinger, invited editor at ECIS and ICMB


Bill Kettinger was an invited speaker at the 21st European Conference on Information Systems in Utrecht, Netherlands. Bill presented on June 8 at the 'Meet the Journal Editors Panel' where he represented both MIS Quarterly and MIS Executive as Senior Editor. This session provided attendees with an opportunity to meet editors from the leading MIS journals, who shared key points about their respective journals. Advice was given to assist researchers targeting top ranked journals . Tips were also given to PhD students and junior faculty about how to succeed in the academic publication game. Bill also was an invited speaker at the 'Meet-the-Editor Session' at the 12th International Conference on Mobile Business (ICMB 2013) in Berlin, Germany. Representing MISQ and MISQ Executive, he spoke on June 12th presenting the talk, "What could m-commerce and m-business research contribute to IS research?"

June 2013 Brian Janz and John Amis awarded Best Paper
The Academy of Management's Organizational Design and Change Division recently announced that Fogelman College of Business and Economic faculty members, John Amis and Brian Janz, and Department of Management doctoral graduates, Maria Gondo and James Vardaman, have won this year's Best Paper award. Their paper is titled "The Paradox of Fit: How Perceptions of Fit Impede Organizational Change." The awards will be distributed this summer at the Academy of Management's annual meeting in Orlando, Florida.

May 2013 Jasbir Dhaliwal delivers key note address

Associate Dean, Dr. Jasbir Dhaliwal, was invited to present the keynote address at a software quality and testing conference at Ben Gurion University in Israel on May 28th, 2013. The conference was sponsored by Intel Inc. and the Israeli Testing and Certification Board. Ben Gurion University's departments of information system engineering and industrial engineering management were also joint organizers. The keynote was entitled "Leveraging Academic-industry Collaboration for Software Testing Innovations and Theory Building" and showcased the research successes of the Fogelman College's Systems Testing Excellence Program.

Dr. Jasbir DhaliwalOn the visit, Dr. Dhaliwal also presented an invited lecture to students, faculty, researchers and information technology practitioners at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem on May 30th, 2013. This talk was titled "The Fuzzy ART of the SCIENCE of Software Testing". It focused on new information systems perspectives to theory building for software testing and explored the historical evolution of testing best practices in industry as a means of understanding underlying theoretical notions. The audience was also challenged to think innovatively about the interplay between arts and science in software testing and the nature of "theory" that was emerging from recent software testing research studies at the University of Memphis.
May 2013 Judy Simon awarded DOD grant for 6th time

Dr. Judy Simon has received notice of approval for a federal grant for 2013-2014 to be funded by the United States Department of Defense (DoD). This is the sixth DoD grant Dr. Simon has been awarded since 2007. These grants are normally approved for either of two purposes: (1) capacity building grants to increase awareness and knowledge regarding Information Assurance topics (e.g., security and privacy) among students and/or faculty or (2) scholarships to fund students' educational expenses in collegiate majors that might qualify them to be hired by DoD's National Security Agency in the future. These grants are highly competitive among all universities that have received the designation by DoD as a Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education (CAEIAE). Dr. Simon is co-director of the University of Memphis Center for Information Assurance, which manages all University of Memphis activities related to this designation.

May 2013

UoM MIS in good company - Top 50


As part of the Association of Information Systems (AIS) sponsored IS Job Index, the top 50 MIS programs nationally were identified. The University of Memphis MIS Department was listed among these top tier programs. Criteria considered in the selection: U.S. schools that have a substantial IS centric major at the undergraduate or graduate level and have shown excellence in one or more of (a) U.S. News and World Report rankings, (b) programs/faculty ranked on the AIS basket of journals, and (c) AIS student chapters.

May 2013 Bill Kettinger named to national advisory council

Bill Kettinger was named to national advisory council of the IS Job Index. The IS Job Index is a joint five year project between the Association for Information Systems and the Institute for Business and Information Technology at Temple University to produce reliable national level data on placement, type of jobs, satisfaction, and on related factors such as career services, knowledge level, preparedness, and search strategies. The project will produce an annual IS job index report, and is intended to become the first systematic national assessment of the IS job market.

This national advisory council will act as a steering committee for the IS job index and provide input on future research.

Apr. 2013

Dr. Brian Janz wins Best Paper Award


Dr. Brian Janz was awarded the Best Overall Paper Award which was presented at the Western Academy of Management Annual Conference in Sante Fe, New Mexico in March 2013. This paper discusses organizational change among new software development teams.

Gondo, M., Amis, J.M., Janz, B., & Varadaman, J. Elaborating Change: The (Re)Production of a Legitimate Practice. Paper presented at the Western Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Sante Fe, NM, March, 2013. Winner, Best Overall Paper Award.

Mar. 2013

Bill Kettinger awarded Fulbright Visiting Professorship in Austria

  Bill Kettinger, FedEx Chair of Excellence in MIS, has been awarded a Fulbright Visiting Professorship for the period from April to July 2013. The Fulbright Program is the flagship international educational exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government and is designed to "increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries." With this goal as a starting point, the Fulbright Program has provided participants—chosen for their academic merit and leadership potential — with the opportunity to study, teach and conduct research, exchange ideas and contribute to finding solutions to shared international concerns.

Dr. Kettinger's primary activities for the Fulbright appointment will be to significantly advance a continuing line of research with colleague Dr. Tina Wakolbinger, Professor of Supply Chain at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. The title of the research project is: "From Cradle to Grave: Using Information Embedded in Products to Transform Closed Loop Supply Chains." He will also present seminars and lectures to masters and PhD students at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and elsewhere in Europe. Dr. Lloyd Brooks, MIS Department Chair, reports, "Dr. Kettinger is only the second professor in the Department of MIS to be awarded a Fulbright Visiting Professorship, so this is a big and rare honor for Dr. Kettinger and the University of Memphis."

Mar. 2013

Bill Kettinger appointed Senior Editor of MIS Quarterly


Dr. Bill Kettinger, FedEx Chair of Excellence in Management Information Systems, recently accepted an appointment as Senior Editor of MIS Quarterly after previously serving as Associate Editor. In addition, he recently completed a 4-year term as Associate Editor of Information Systems Research (ISR). These two journals are the two highest ranked academic journals in the management information systems field.

MIS Quarterly is consistently ranked among the elite business school journals in terms of ISI Impact. The editorial objective of the MIS Quarterly is the enhancement and communication of knowledge concerning the development of IT-based services, the management of IT resources, and the use, impact and economics of IT with managerial, organizational and societal implications.

Dr. Kettinger will continue serving as Senior Editor on MISQ Executive, the top ranked practitioner oriented academic journal in MIS. "We are extremely proud of Dr. Kettinger," said Lloyd Brooks, MIS Department Chair at FCBE. "It is a rare honor to have a member of the faculty appointed as a senior editor of the two most highly ranked journals in the MIS field."

Mar. 2013

Lloyd Brooks and Jasbir Dhaliwal named to Professorships for Exemplary Leadership


Dr. Lloyd Brooks, MIS Department Chair, and Dr. Jasbir Dhaliwal, MIS Professor and Associate Dean, have both been awarded Professorships for Exemplary Leadership. This honor is in recognition for the leadership both have demonstrated over the years in setting the MIS Department and College on their positive trajectory. These Professorship carry a monetary amount of $10,000/year for 5 years. Three donors for these professorships are Morgan Morton, Larry Papasan and Michael Cook.
Feb. 2013

Dr. Jasbir Dhaliwal included in the Class of 2013 Principal Investigator Millionaires and Dr. Robin Poston selected as First Time Principal Investigator


Dr. Jasbir Dhaliwal, Associate Dean and Professor of MIS, will be one of only 9 people in the University to be included in the Class of 2013 Principal Investigator Millionaires with the MIS department listed as one of only nine in the University to be included in this classification. A funded grant with a $1 million or higher award is required to achieve this designation. Dr. Dhaliwal's dedicated effort lead to secure this grant and bring recognition to the department and the Fogelman College as well as to himself.

Dr. Robin Poston, Associate professor of MIS, was given recognition as one of only three members of the Fogelman College faculty to become a First Time Principal Investigator. As a principal investigator, Dr. Poston will carry responsibility for the direction and completion of the research project under her lead.

Jasbir and Robin will be honored during the University of Memphis Research Celebration and PI/Author Reception in the University Center (Ballroom C) at 2:30 p.m. on February 26 2013.

Dec. 2012 Dr. Kettinger mentors at ICIS Junior Faculty Consortium

Dr. Bill Kettinger served as a senior faculty mentor at the Junior faculty Consortium at the 2012 International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) on December 16th in Orlando, Florida.

The ICIS Junior Faculty Consortium is an all day event that consists of panels, discussions, role-playing, and other interactive sessions built around issues related to becoming a successful member of the professoriate. Each activity was facilitated by a select group of 10 highly-successful IS faculty from universities around the world. Forty promising junior faculty from research universities were selected to participate.

Topics covered include: research strategies, publishing issues, building a network of colleagues, teaching strategies and issues, tenure pitfalls and experiences, time management, collegiality and academic norms, and work-life balance.

Dec. 2012

Dr. Stafford appointed Associate Editor at I&M


Dr. Thomas F. Stafford has accepted an offer to serve as Associate Editor for the Information and Management journal starting January 2013.

Dec. 2012

MIS Professor receives Department of Defense Grant

Dr. Judy Simon, Professor of Management Information Systems, has been awarded a 2012-2013 Department of Defense grant titled "Development of DOD IASP Scholarship." IASP represents their Information Assurance Scholarship Program.

Dr. Simon is the Principal Investigator for this funded grant project as part of her role as Co-Director of the University's Center for Information Assurance (CfIA). She will serve as Point of Contact between student recipients and representatives of the Department of Defense and National Security Agency. These scholarships are highly competitive, nationwide scholarships among all universities that have the designation from the Department of Homeland Security as a Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education. Funding for tuition, books, and supplies, as well as a substantial stipend for living costs, is provided to students who are selected by the National Security Agency for this scholarship.

Two students will receive scholarships this year under the terms of the grant. Both of the selected students will be Fogelman College of Business and Economics students.

Nov. 2012 Dr. Robin Poston recognized as Outstanding Associate Editor at the 2012 Decision Sciences Journal editorial team reception

The Decision Sciences Journal (DSJ) is a quarterly, professional journal that uses the latest computer technology, mathematical and statistical techniques, and behavioral science. It is an A+ journal for the Fogelman College and incorporates research read by faculty and students as well as corporate personnel and consultants from multi-disciplinary functional areas of business. Dr. Poston was recognized by the editorial team for her excellent services to the journal and an announcement of her recognition will appear on the journal’s website as well as printed in an upcoming issue.

June 2012 Dr. Kettinger receives recognition for published article

Dr. Bill Kettinger, Professor and FedEx Chair of Excellence at Fogelman College, has been recognized for his academic contributions in the field of Management Information Systems. His paper, "The Successful Implementation of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System Projects," has been designated as the best article of 2011 by a prestigious academic journal. The article was published in DATABASE, an Association of Computer Machinery (ACM) journal. Since its recognition as best article of 2011, Dr. Kettinger's paper has been subsequently nominated to compete in the annual Association of Information Systems (AIS) best paper competition. The article was co-authored with Varun Grover (Clemson), Khawaja Saeed (Wichita State) and Subo Guha (Computer Associates Inc.).

Dr. Kettinger's research interests range from Digital Business Strategy, IS Service Quality, Strategic Information Management, IT-enabled Platform Organizations, IT-enabled Control of Autonomous Professionals and Process Redesign.

Feb. 2012 Distinguished Teaching awarded to MIS faculty member

The 2012 University Distinguished Teaching Award will be awarded to Dr. Thomas Meservy, Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems, during the Faculty Convocation, which will be held on April 20, 2012. The Award will be presented to the only four recipients.

The Distinguished Teaching Award is funded and sponsored by the University of Memphis Alumni Association. This award annually recognizes excellence in teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The selection process also includes assessment of the faculty member by his or her students and administrative head. This is a big personal and professional honor for Tom, but it is also a big honor for the Department of Management Information Systems and the Fogelman College of Business and Economics.

Feb. 2012 University of Memphis MIS curriculum gains world-wide exposure

In the Fall of 2010, the Fogelman College of Business and Economics’ MIS Department implemented a completely reengineered undergraduate curriculum based in part on the Association for Information System’s model MIS curriculum, and in the process became one of the first MIS Departments in the world to offer the leading-edge curriculum. One aspect that really sets the new curriculum apart from others is how it was developed: the MIS department’s faculty worked with local IT executives from their MIS Advisory Council to insure that graduates from the new curriculum possess the skills needed most by the business community. As a result of this collaboration, in addition to courses in IT infrastructure, IT architectures, information management, and systems development, the team went on to design a course in critical thinking and project management that is now required for all undergraduate business students.

Nov. 2011 Dr. Kettinger editorial appointment at ISR extended

Bill Kettinger, the FedEx Chair of Excellence in MIS, has been asked to extend his three year appointment as Associate Editor of Information Systems Research (ISR). Ritu Agarwal, Editor in Chief of ISR, announced on November 12, 2011 at the INFORMS Annual Conference in Charlotte NC that Dr. Kettinger has accepted an extended term as Associate Editor. Information Systems Research is a journal of INFORMS, the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences. Information Systems Research is ranked as one of the top two journals in the information systems field, advancing theory, research, and intellectual development focused on information systems in organizations, the economy, and society.

In addition to his associate editorship at ISR, Professor Kettinger currently services as Senior Editor (2010 - current) of Management Information Systems Quarterly Executive (MISQE), the top ranked applied research journal in MIS. He also currently sits on the editorial board of the Journal of the Association of Information Systems (JAIS) (fourth ranked journal in MIS) and from 2007-2009 he served as an Associate Editor of MIS Quarterly, the top ranked journal in MIS.

Nov. 2011 Dr. Poston named AE at EJIS

Dr. Robin Poston, Associate Professor of MIS, has accepted an invitation from Richard Baskerville, the Editor-in-Chief, to serve as an Associate Editor for the highly ranked journal, the European Journal of Information Systems (EJIS), starting January 2012 for a three-year appointment. EJIS publishes research about the theory and practice of information systems for a global audience. The journal publishes research articles that provide a critical view on technology, development, implementation, strategy, management, and policy. In addition to being a new AE at EJIS, Dr. Poston continues to serve as AE for another highly ranked journal entitled Decision Sciences. An Associate Editor (AE) provides service to the academic community, and engages in governing over the process of reviewing some of the best reports of the latest research in the IS field. An AE is responsible for organizing and managing referee panels for submissions assigned by areas of interest.

Oct. 2011 Dr. Janz quoted in Computerworld article on lack of skills in IT grads

An article titled “7 key skills new IT grads are lacking” published in Computerworld on October 12, 2011 quotes Dr. Brian Janz, MIS professor at the University of Memphis's Fogelman College of Business and Economics and associate director of the university's FedEx Center for Supply Chain Management on the role of colleges in addressing the problem of lack of skills in IT grads.

The article identifies seven crucial areas in which the new IT grads require more coaching. These areas include among others an understanding of basic business functions, experience with enterprise systems integration and Knowledge of emerging enterprise technologies. The articles states “…The university [of Memphis] is in its second year of following the IS 2010 model curriculum designed by the Association for Information Systems (AIS) and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), which calls for teaching tech students both IT skills and professional skills such as communication and leadership. The switch has brought more business studies into the MIS coursework…”

The article mentions Dr. Janz’s quote "There are always going to be gaps that are going to be very specific to the hiring organization, but we can make sure the foundation is there…If we can give them the sound foundation, [businesses] can give them the stuff specific to their organization."

Click here to read the full Computerworld article.

Sept. 2011 Dr. Brian Janz moderates the Society for Information Management (SIM) strategy series

Dr. Brian Janz moderates the Society for Information Management (SIM) Strategy Series titled, “Unleashing the Power of IT for Innovation and Growth." The SIM Strategy Series is an annual day-long event for Information Technology executives and their colleagues (CFOs, CEOs, etc.).

June 2011 Dr. Stafford edits MISQ Special Issue

Dr. Stafford is Special Editor of a MIS Quarterly Research Commentary section entitled: Special Research Commentary Series on Advanced Methodological Thinking for Quantitative Research. MIS Quarterly, June 2011, Vol. 35 Issue 2, pXV-XVI, 2p. The issue involves a Special Research Commentary Series on Advanced Methodological Thinking for Quantitative Research that is intended to become a citation classic with its series of discussions on formative structural modeling and measurement validation.

Apr. 2011 Dr. Meservy secures MIS Advisory Council Outstanding Teacher Award

The Advisory Council for the Department of Management Information Systems created an outstanding teacher award this year to recognize creative and innovative teaching in the department.  The first awardee was Dr. Thomas Meservy, Assistant Professor.  The selection committee consisted of two department chairs and one student.  Dr. Meservy was recognized for his outstanding teaching as evidenced by student evaluations, leadership with the online instructional program in the department and college, and creative and innovative teaching style.

Apr. 2011 Dr. Kettinger's book recognized by Wall Street Journal

A book published by Wiley Publising Company and written by MIS Professor and FedEx Chair of Excellence holder Dr. William Kettinger (with Don Marchand and John Rollins) "Making the Invisible Visible: How Companies Win with the Right Information, People and IT" was recognized in the Monday, April 25, 2011 Wall Street Journal in an article titled “Making Sense of It all: Getting Knowledge From Information”.

The article recommends five books that executives need to read  if they want to “… harness technology to make the most of information.”   Concerning Kettinger’s book,  Thomas Davenport states in the article that “…It describes the concept of “information orientation” and how it produces better organizational performance. Based on a substantial research study, it’s undeniably formulaic. However, I believe the formula they advocate is right on, and any CIO would benefit from trying it”.

Jan. 2011 AMIS recognized by AIS for its “Outstanding Professional Development” and “Outstanding Membership Activities”
  The Association of Management Information Systems (AMIS), the student organization of the MIS department, was recently recognized by the Association of Information Systems (AIS) for “Outstanding Professional Development” and “Outstanding Membership Activities.” The awards were presented at the International Conference of Information Systems (ICIS) in St. Louis in December 2010. 

The student organization at the University of Memphis was one of the founding student chapters of the AIS and has a vibrant program of professional and social activities each semester. AMIS’ mission is to introduce students to the MIS profession and provide them with opportunities that will enhance their educational and social development as an MIS professional.  We invite you to join us for our activities this semester.

You can find out more information about the organization by contacting Brandon Jones (AMIS President) at or by contacting Margaret Schultz or Thomas Meservy (Faculty Advisors).

Sep. 2010 Dr. Brian Janz moderates the Society for Information Management (SIM) Strategy Series entitled, “Surviving and Thriving in Any Economy."
  The SIM Strategy Series is an annual day-long event for Information Technology executives and their colleagues (CFOs, CEOs, etc.).

Sep. 2010 Dr. Simon has been awarded her third grant from the Department of Defense.
  This latest grant is entitled "Development of Online Graduate Courses in Business Information Assurance.” The online content will be directed toward the four graduate Management Information Systems courses that are part of the graduate Business Information Assurance certificate program. This certificate program is being implemented in the Fall 2010 semester.

Sep. 2010 Dr. Robin Poston was one of the leading FCBE faculty members who developed and delivered an intensive training program to over 90 Pinnacle Executives.

Aug. 2010 Dr. Robin S. Poston, wins the prestigious 2010-2011 Suzanne Downs Palmer Award in Research."
  The purpose of the Palmer Awards is to recognize outstanding individual faculty contributions to achieving the research mission of the Fogelman College of Business & Economics. 

Aug. 2010 Dr. Brian Janz, wins 2009-2010 FCBE Best Conceptual Paper award. Drs. Poston, Kettinger and Simon secure the second place.
  Each year, the FCBE presents 'best paper' awards in empirical and conceptual categories. The awards are adjudicated by the College's Graduate Studies Doctoral Sub-Committee. In addition to plaques, award winners receive $500 for 1st place and $250 for 2nd place. In the Conceptual/Theoretical Category, this year we have

 1st Place, BRIAN JANZ, MIS, and Pattarawan Prasarnphanich. "Freedom to Cooperate: Gaining Clarity Into Knowledge Integration in Information Systems Development Teams," IEEE's Transactions on Engineering Management, Vol. 56, Issue 4, 2009, 621-635.

 2nd Place, ROBIN POSTON, MIS, WILLIAM J. KETTINGER, MIS, and JUDY SIMON, MIS "Managing The Vendor Set: Achieving Best Pricing and Quality Service in IT Outsourcing," MIS Quarterly Executive, 8(2), June 2009, 1-14.

Aug. 2010 Dr. Bill Kettinger served as a senior faculty camp counselor at the Americas Conference on Information Systems Conference “Junior Faculty Camp” in Lima Peru.
  This camp is offered to MIS junior faculty from universities throughout the world to help them to adjust to the research and teaching challenges of a faculty career.

June 2010 MIS Department Initiates Joint Education Program with Hubei University, China

May 2010 Drs. Robin Poston and David Allen selected to lead the EMBA 2011 International Residency to Hong Kong and China

Mar. 2010 Dr. Varun Grover visits to discuss The Current State and Future of the IS Field

Dec. 2009 Drs. Poston and Kettinger, and PhD Candidate Hu present a research paper on Harnessing the Power of Online Social Networking Services at the SIM Academic Workshop
  December 15, 2009. Corporate employees are using Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Orkut, Yahoo! 360°, LinkedIn, and other online social networking services (OSNS) in the workplace. Adding to the managerial challenge of how employees use OSNS is the fact that this technology was not borne in the corporate setting but rather in the social off-work context of informality, fun, and friendship.  Based on research access provided by a local Fortune 500 companies, the paper looks at employee OSNS usage behaviors and what companies should be doing about it.  Because these behaviors already exist, senior executives cannot start fresh but need to understand how OSNS behaviors are formed in order to develop the appropriate OSNS usage policies and procedures.  This paper lends insights into harnessing employee OSNS behaviors in order to proactively maximize employees’ knowledge networks while protectively minimizing corporate security breaches and brand damage. We find corporate strategies comprise protective issues (information disclosure risks and wasted time) and proactive issues (social network maintenance and knowledge sharing).  The paper concludes with a discussion of overarching principles recommended for harnessing OSNS behaviors.

Oct. 2009 U of M’s AMIS chapter takes field trip to International Paper’s Data Center
  On October 9th, sixteen students from a new student organization called “AMIS” (Association for Management Information Systems) and their faculty advisor, Dr. Margaret Schultz, went on a field trip to International Paper’s Data Center.  James Dutkowsky and several others from the Information Technology Team spoke to them about IP’s organizational structure, IP’s many lines of business, and the supportive role that information technology plays in achieving their strategic objectives.  Students learned about IP’s IT CORE program (a job-rotation program for new hires that are recent college graduates) and the wide variety of job positions and career paths that are available in their IT Division. Two recent grads from the U of M spoke about how they got their jobs at IP and what the transition was like from college student to IT professional. Afterwards, the students toured IP’s most impressive data center facilities where they saw a huge array of blade servers, the massive data storage area network, backup power generators, and IP’s own cell-phone signal relay station.  Students also learned  about the many safety mechanisms and procedures that are in place to protect the company’s equipment from damage or destruction due to fire, earth quake or power loss.

Oct. 2009 U of M’s AMIS chapter takes field trip to the U of M Data and Network Operations Center
  On October 29th, seventeen students from a new student organization called “AMIS” (Association for Management Information Systems) and their faculty advisor, Dr. Margaret Schultz, went on a field trip to the University’s Data and Network Operations Center. During the first part of the field trip, students talked with Dr. Doug Hurley, CIO and VP of Information Technology for the University and Ms. Ellen Watson, Associate VP of Information Technology and deputy CIO for the University. Dr. Hurley and Ms. Watson spoke to the students about IT governance, IT management, and specific ITD hiring practices and job positions.  Afterwards, Mark Reavis, Director of the Network Services Department, took the students on a tour of the Data and Network Operation Center in Jones Hall.  During the tour, students observed and learned about the hardware and other system components that provide the data, voice, and video communication services for the entire University. They learned about the costs associated with setting up and maintaining a high capacity data and networking facility, the safety precautions that must be in place to protect the data and equipment, and the procedures that would be followed if it were necessary to recover from an event that caused data loss or equipment damage.

Sep. 2009 MIS PhD student, Shane Banks, leads student-run PhD orientation
  Third-year PhD student, Shane Banks, led the first ever student-run PhD orientation for the department of Management Information Systems. Banks was assisted by fellow PhD students Colin Onita and Aaron Peevyhouse. Banks and his compatriots devised the student-run orientation in a continuing effort to improve communication and collaboration among PhD students in the MIS department. The orientation, which was held on Friday, 4 Sep 2009, offered students a detailed glimpse into the trials and successes that they will encounter in their next few years. The trio of senior PhD students built upon the college-wide PhD orientation by emphasizing the importance of collaboration with fellow PhD students of every discipline. Banks led the discussion by detailing the problems that can afflict PhD students while offering solutions via personal stories of his experience in the program. To round out the orientation, Peevyhouse and Onita discussed tips for organization and methods for finding articles to assist in research.  They also demonstrated the student-created wiki, an indispensable tool that houses knowledge compiled and created by students in years past.  While the focus of the orientation was to provide first year students with practical lessons for how to succeed in the PhD program, the trio of veteran students also provided an intimate platform for students to freely ask questions. With such an open platform, students asked many questions that went directly to the heart of what is expected of them as scholars.

Aug. 2009 Dr. Bill Kettinger serves as a Camp Counselor at the AMCIS Faculty Camp for junior faculty in San Francisco
  The AMCIS MIS Camp uses interactive sessions with junior and senior faculty to explore the stresses and joys of balancing one's teaching, research, and personal life to assist junior faculty as they begin their academic careers.

Aug. 2009 Dr. Bill Kettinger and MIS PhD Students Lakshman Mahadevan and Rahul Paul present a paper appearing in the 2009 AMCIS proceedings

Aug. 2009 Dr. Robin Poston receives the Fogelman College of Business and Economics 2008 Best Paper Award for second place in the empirical category
  Dr. Poston receives the award for a paper published a top academic research journal, Decision Sciences. The paper focuses on how people decide whether to obtain services through online, self-service technologies or traditional, non-technological alternatives. A model of behaviors is tested in the brokerage services context, using observations obtained via survey. Given the growing popularity of online investing combined with the challenging prospect of making optimal decisions in an inherently risky environment, the context offers insights of practical and theoretical importance.

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