Andrew Borodin

PhD Student, Department of Marketing & Supply Chain Management

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FCB 359
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B.S, Western Kentucky University
MBA, Western Kentucky University

Research Interests

Salesperson turnover, sales performance, sales management.

Journal Publications

Agan, Y., Acar, M., Borodin, A. Drivers of environmental processes and their impact on performance; A study of Turkish SMEs, (Forthcoming) Journal of Cleaner Production.

Conference Proceedings

Borodin, A. An Institutional Perspective on Product Placement. (August 2012) American Marketing Association, Chicago, IL.

Borodin, A., Smith, R. & Bush, A. (2010). Does Generation Y’s Attitudes Toward Work, Self, and Individual Responsibility Influence their Ethicality? Society for Marketing Advances, Atlanta, GA.

Works in Progress

Bylund, P., Borodin, A. Ethicality of the Firm in the Market: An Integrated Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility.  

Borodin, A., Bush, A., Smith, R. The Protestant Work Ethic and Business-Related Ethicality.


Andrew is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Marketing & Supply Chain Management at the University of Memphis. He was born in the country of Georgia (formerly part of the USSR), and is conversant in Russian. He and his family moved to the US in 1980, and since then, he has had the opportunity to live in California, Colorado, Virginia, Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee. His fifteen years of professional experience is diverse but can be classified into three main areas: sales, marketing management and product management.