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Audiological Habilitation/Rehabilitation
  •  Pediatric Audiologic (Re)habilitation Program
    Audiologic (Re)habilitation is an important process in a child's communication development. This program focuses on helping a child learn to listen to sounds in his/her environment. It emphasizes both receptive (listening) and expressive (talking) skills. The rehabilitation team at the MSHC collaborates with family members to set appropriate communication goals. The team is made up of an Audiologist, a Speech-Language Pathologist, graduate clinicians, the child, and the family (parents, etc.). The team works together to assist the child in reaching communication independence.

  •  Adult Audiological Rehabilitation
    Audiological Rehabilitation (AR) is an essential part of overcoming hearing loss. It may be associated with the fitting of a hearing aid and/or assistive listening device or not. However, AR usually follows the fitting of a hearing aid or assistive listening device and is focused on helping the patient derive maximum benefit from the device. This process involves counseling as well as listening practice sessions. Very often a new hearing aid/device user requires several weeks to fully adapt to the new instrument. AR is often done in a group format so that one may benefit from others' experiences. And, because human communication is a two-way street, an AR patient is encouraged to invite family members to attend and participate in the communication strategies. Not only will they be able to better understand the impact of impaired hearing on communication, they will also learn ways to communicate better with a hearing impaired person. At the MSHC we believe that AR is a necessary step to achieve optimum communication. Therefore, AR sessions are offered as part of the hearing aid fitting program.

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