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U of M's Initial Figures for Fall 2007 Look Positive
For release: Aug. 31, 2007
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Early enrollment figures for the University of Memphis have administrators feeling positive about this academic year.

Though final figures won’t be available until two weeks into the semester, which began Aug. 27th, some trends have been noticed.  Graduate enrollment is up and the enrollment of high-ability honors students is also up.  In fact, this fall’s freshman class has 400 honors students, 20 percent of the class, and the total number of honors students at the University is almost 1,300.

Another statistic that pleases administrators comes from Residence Life, which reports that housing at the University is “saturated.”

U of M President Shirley Raines is happy with the trends, especially with that of honors enrollment.  “We have been putting extra emphasis on recruiting high ability students,” she said, “because we are the type of university that can meet their academic expectations, and because we benefit from the academic excellence that they bring with them.  The University has been upgrading its admissions requirements, so that students who are accepted here are prepared to succeed.  I believe we are seeing proof of the success of our efforts, and I’m very, very pleased.”

Official enrollment figures will be released to the Tennessee Board of Regents in mid-September.

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