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 February News Releases

High GPA Distinguished 216 U of M December Graduates
For release: Feb. 12, 2001
For more information, contact Gabrielle Maxey

A total of 216 students graduated with distinction from The University of Memphis during winter commencement ceremonies December 16, 2000.

The distinction of summa cum laude signifies an overall grade point average between 3.8 and 4.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Memphis students who graduated summa cum laude are Brandee R. Bolton, Betty D. Bostian, Emily C. Hefley, Crisy B. Jones, Anna D. Lukyanova, Karen R. Miller, Amber D. Reeves, Lorri J. Tigner, Stacey A. Trimble, Katrina A. Turner, Sarah B. Webb, Ashley M. Wilson and Jimmy Zaner.

Other summa cum laude graduates from the Memphis area are: Barbara D. Keen of Atoka; Amy H. Lin of Bartlett; Bertis A. Echols III of Collierville; Monica S. Campeau, Jovita M. Polinski, Tarun Rokadiya, Kathryn M. Wheetley and Adrienne W. Yarbrough, all of Cordova; Jordan L. Reed of Eads; Lacey L. Adair and Sarah E. Andrews, both of Germantown; and Leticia T. Weatrowski of Millington.

Other summa cum laude graduates are Brandi C. Smith of Dothan, Ala., (with honors in English); Marjorie M. Gaines of Ripley, Tenn., and Amy W. Culver of Whiteville, Tenn.

The distinction of magna cum laude signifies an overall grade point average between 3.5 and 3.79.

Memphis students who graduated magna cum laude are Vetanya W. Allen, Rosa M. Apolito, Jason M. Arndt, Mevludin Basic, Jamie V. Black, Alexia D. Blake, Amy M. Cregger, Cynthia E. Doyle, Jason C. Ellis, Christina T. Faulkner, Sarah A. Fulks, Ruby O. Gray, Kelly B. Gupton, Danielle L. Hillman, Merit E. Huey, Stacy M. Jones, Jennifer P. Krausser, Cherish V. Levasseur, Pamela N. Martin, Rebecca S. McMahon, Corinne M. Murray, Sarah K. Noelker, Dawn M. Perry, Jennifer R. Pittman, Angie Powell, Kevin D. Raupp, Mandy M. Redden, Corey M. Reeves, Beverly Y. Schaefgen, Mya D. Schnettler, Kimberly D. Shirley, Faith M. Slack, Sheri L. Spiker, Melasond M. Stubblefield, Michael A. Valdes, Joshau A. Wallis and Kimberly L. Wyatt.

Other magna cum laude graduates from the Memphis area are: Janice K. Tigges of Arlington; Kelly A Densford and Crystal G. Popek, both of Atoka; Janice H. Crook, Stephan M. McKim and John J. O'Guinn, all of Bartlett; Tonya E. Billings of Burlison; Beth M. Clemens, David B. Crenshaw and Amy L. McRae, all of Collierville; Christopher L. Bevel, Jamie H. Harpole, Brandlyn V. Ortiz, Jennifer L. Pilant, Clinton D. Smith II, Charles F. Solis and Amy H. Underwood, all of Cordova; Mary F. Gesford and Terri A. Smith, both of Covington; Katherine A. Abraham, Diana L. Dralle, Emily L. Fisher, Ashley N. Gann, Elizabeth E. Karb and Patrick N. Latimer, all of Germantown; Jenny D. Brown and Tonya M. Miller, both of Lakeland; Mary F. McGhee, Shaun A. Sipe and Roy J. Walker, all of Millington.

Other magna cum laude graduates are Elizabeth A. Gentzler of Antioch, Tenn.; Rebecca M. Winders of Dyersburg, Tenn.; Gary S. Diliello of Jackson, Tenn.; Amanda L. Vann of Lavinia, Tenn.; Michael F. Grissom of Lexington, Tenn.; Karla K. Gage of Selmer, Tenn.; Gordon L. Bell of Springfield, Tenn.; Michael N. Elliott of Summertown, Tenn.; Jennifer L. Smith of Dallas, Texas: and Anthony C. Gobin of Tableland, Trindad and Tobago (with honors in electrical engineering).

The distinction of cum laude signifies an overall grade point average between 3.25 and 3.49.

Memphis students who graduated cum laude are: John M. Arnone, Nancy L Bailey, Cynthia A. Barbee, Sara A. Bell, Wende S. Busch, Lionel Cable, Michael J. Caldwell, Jennifer A. Clay, Akua A. Colley, Banjul L. Covington, Heather M. Crawford, Sheila S. Cutrell, Sean D. Daggett, John W. Davis III, Renee C. Davis, Duc T. Do, Melanie A. Drennen, Julie A. Estes, Chasity C. Ewing, Alicia M. Forrest, Jennifer M. Fox, Betty S. Franklin, Linda K. Grabon, Rachel L. Gullett, Julie S. Henley, Emily E. Houghton, Cicely A. Kelley, Christy L. Kinard, Loretta Lambert, Jonathan E. Lyons, Kostantina N. Makris, Terry L. Mayberry, Asima Mohiuddin, Charlotte Moore, Ariel D. Nguyen, Deidra J. Parham, Marsha M. Pauley, Kathryn E. Ridley, Eric S. Robertson, Patricia R. Rogers (with honors in English), Deborah L. Robinsky, Jason D. Schepman, Edward E. Shroyer, Angela G. Stirling, Michael D. Tepper, John A. Unrine, Angela M. Wells, Kari D. Williams, Mason W. Wilson, Chadrick O. Withrow, Shawn K. Yahrling, Thomas J. Yow.

Other cum laude graduates from the Memphis area are Jennifer A. Boozer and Kristina M. Jackson, both of Arlington; Carmen A. Bentley, James E. Booker, Elizabeth E. Rutledge and Michelle M. Trainor, all of Bartlett; Jonathan M. Berliner, Frances E. Clark, Paul D. Fehrman, Sherry N. McVay, Jeffrey H. Russell, Elizabeth J. Seago, all of Collierville; Megan E. Able, Fariss A. Adams, Davis G. Bray, Lindsay A. Goldenberg, Andrea A. Hall, Tonya M. Hughes, Ronnie A. Jernigan, Stephan P. Stancil, Michael E. Walters and Augustus H. Wilson, all of Cordova; Molly E. Davison, Russell P. Jones and Jenell R. Rejaei, all of Covington; Jessica T. Anderson of Eads; Jason K. Daevel, Kelly E. Dugas, Alexander G. Enochs, Carolyn L. Hill, David W. Jones, Elian E. Levatino, Kacey R. McGehee, Brooke D. Stacey and Lisa M. Ventre, all of Germantown; Diane M. Choate and Clarke T. Little, both of Lakeland; Rebecca L. Sisk and Christopher T. Smith, both of Millington; Simone M. Perry of Moscow; Shannon C. Vincent of Munford; Linda L. Lee of Oakland; and Allen S. Sparks of Olive Branch, Miss.

Other cum laude graduates are Raychelle Marcy of Aurora, Colo.; Jenny G. Chow of Webb., Miss.; Kate G. Curtis and Rebecca A. Lewis, both of Columbia., Tenn.; Scott A. Hill of Dyersburg, Tenn.; Tammy J. Nelson of Halls, Tenn.; Rebecca L. Green of Jackson, Tenn.; Erica C. Qualls of Madison, Tenn.; Rachel L. Bell of Nashville; Charlotte L. Homra of Ridgely, Tenn.; Carole M. White of Ripley, Tenn.; Michael K. Harrison of Saulsbury, Tenn.; Michael A. Watts of Newark, Texas; Jenni L. Rosselli of Federal Way, Wash.; and Christos Rousias of Nicosia, Cyrpus.

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