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MFA Students at U of M Will Host Open Studio Night November 9
For release: Nov. 8, 2006
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University of Memphis fine arts MFA students will host Open Studio Night from 6 to 9 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 9 featuring information, entertainment, and the chance to view the work of promising young artists. 

After viewing Adrienne Outlaw’s “Seek Shelter” exhibition at the Art Museum, guests will receive information about the MFA program as well as a map, so they can tour the painting, sculpture, and photography studios.

Pixy Liao, a second-year photography student from Shanghai, will share her finished work as well as works in progress. Liao owns a collection of unusual cameras, including types of toy cameras many people have never seen. She may be wielding one of these during Open Studio Night, an event she says “educates the community and raises awareness of the diverse artistic experience available in Memphis.”

Elisha Gold, a first-year sculpture student who focuses on creating artwork with metal, will debut his sculpture in the Memphis community. Along with his metalwork, Gould has become a regular participant in performance art on the U of M campus. In his studio visitors will find the bongo drums he uses to accompany these performances, along with more traditional sculptors’ tools.

Jada Thompson, a painter who will graduate next spring, will take advantage of the opportunity to socialize with other artists in their studios. “As artists and art students, we always seem to be engrossed in making better art, making more art, making new art,” said Thompson.  “This is an opportunity to stop, breathe, and put ourselves in context.” 

Thompson and other artists will provide refreshments. Other participating artists will include Nancy Cheairs, Gena Serey, Chandler Pritchett, Tim Kinard, Sunny Montgomery, Kate Strzok, Melissa Rackham, Gerecho Delaney, Chase Malone, Kathleen Murray, Lea Alexander, Brooke Foy, and Sarah Boyce.

More information is available from Chandler Pritchett by phone at 901-605-2971 or via email at cfprtcht@memphis.edu

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