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U of M Students Present BFA Exhibition at Jones Hall Gallery
For release: November 23, 2007
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Bachelor of Fine Arts candidates from the University of Memphis’ Department of Art will showcase their work at Jones Hall Gallery, November 26, 2007 through December 1, 2007. The closing reception will be held on December 1, from 5 to 8 p.m.

Rebekah Laurenzi will present sculptures that focus on landscape, showing ways that land is formed over time, and the evidence that it leaves of this time. The sculptures will consist of Laurenzi’s own abstract interpretations of the landscape shown as slices of land.

Nancy May has always been fascinated with what goes on behind closed doors and what people do when they think no one is watching. May will present a series of photographs intended to show the aspects of our lives that occur in private with moments that may range from the ordinary to the explicit.

Lyndsi Potts will present a series of photographs documenting the Angola Prison Rodeo in Angola , Louisiana . Instead of focusing on the live action of the rodeo, Potts has chosen to display more intimate portraits of the prisoners. With these portraits, Potts hopes to provide an antithesis to some of the stereotypes that are associated with prisoners and the penal system, and present a more progressive idea of a prison aimed to rehabilitate, not just punish.

After completing a series of images focusing on flower and leaf still life, Crystal Flake explored a similar, but new direction. Flake will present a series of photographs of thin slices of fruits and vegetables that are backlit to create a transcendent glow.  The images are displayed on transparency paper to help enhance the effect of the backlighting.

Erin Hill’s work is dedicated to her idea of “Campaign Caution.”  Hill will display a series of black and white photographs tinted with yellow color documenting her project that contains individual accounts of personal addictions to drugs, alcohol, and sex. Through her images, Hill questions the causes of addictive behavior.

Carie Wilson Newton will present work related to her self-exploration through art. After living in various communities for six years, she found herself looking at her past: the places, people, events, and textures that shaped her. Wilson Newton will present images in a variety of techniques combining aspects of photography with painting and sculpture, allowing each piece to show a reflection of some part of her.

Tim Tieman will present a series of photographs documenting the environmental impact of new constructions. Through these images, Tieman examines the bizarre and impractical situations of living under high voltage wires and the extreme erosion in high temperature climates. Tieman believes such construction places a grid over the surroundings, destroying a man’s connection to nature and creating an unsettling juxtaposition to the landscape itself.

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