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eLearning Summit Will Open Eyes to Learning Technology Implementation
For release: Oct. 24, 2005
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The Advanced Distributed Learning Workforce Co-Lab at the University of Memphis will host the first annual eLearning Summit November 15-19 at the FedEx Institute of Technology on the U of M campus. The event will feature a series of three workshops that will focus on various aspects of eLearning, from current technologies to future implementations to effective practices for industry.

"The Summit is designed to inform participants about current trends and implementations and to foster dialog for the future developments of learning technologies," said Eric Cromwell, director of Technology Development for Tennessee.

The event is being organized by one of the FedEx Institute's internationally recognized research units, the Advanced Distributed Learning Workforce Co-Lab. Other organizers and sponsors including SRI Consulting on Business Intelligence, the Department of Defense Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative, the University of Memphis Department of Psychology, and the U of M's Institute for Intelligent Systems.

An impressive list of presenters at the Summit will represent top research institutions, corporations, and government agencies from around the nation, such as Carnegie Mellon, University of Southern California, IRS, Boeing, FedEx, and International Paper.

Discussing the importance of standards in eLearning (one of the topics being covered), Dr. Art Graesser, director of the Institute of Intelligent Systems, said that "learning environments without standards suffer the mothball effect – entirely the opposite of the butterfly effect. Learning systems without standards are destined for the closet with mothballs within a year after the funding dries up."

Dr. Robert A. Wisher of the U.S. Department of Defense and the director of the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative added, "The eLearning Summit in Memphis reflects the tremendous interest in realizing the goals of creating provocative learning content that is both durable and reusable.  The Summit clearly illustrates the reach of common standards across a large and disparate learning audience."

More detailed information about the specifics of the event and its workshops can be found on the eLearning Summit's Web site, http://www.elearningsummit.org.

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