Building a Culture of Health for Urban Children and Families. 

Loewenberg College of Nursing funded by The Urban Child Institute


Educate Nursing Faculty and Students. Loewenberg College of Nursing (LCON) is building a culture of health for urban children and families in the target area (zip code 38126). Faculty will learn how childhood toxic stress impacts patients and families throughout a lifetime. LCON will incorporate ACE content in the BSN and MSN programs for both didactic and clinical courses, as well design a course that may be taught campus-wide. To this extent, using workable interventions, students will educate patients and families and empower them with knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for ACE prevention.

Manage Pediatric Asthma. LCON is working with Shelby County Schools through the following effective elements: 1) asthma case identification, 2) high risk recognition, 3) asthma drug administration supervision, 4) care management, 5) coordination among students, families, healthcare providers, and schools to have asthma self-management education programs and pediatric asthma-friendly school environments, and 6) policies that support effective pediatric asthma management.

Educate Community Stakeholders. LCON faculty and students will develop: a) a Culture of Health model to explore and engage the Memphis healthcare community; b) ACE training workshops; and c) a nurse-led coaching and mentoring outreach for caregivers and families living with toxic stress as children. Stakeholders may include: a. the ACE Awareness Foundation, b. Universal Parenting Places, c. LeBonheur Children's Hospital, d. Vance Ave Community, e. Churches in zip code 38126, and f. University of Memphis ACE initiatives.

Building a Culture of Health for Urban Children and Families

Lead Contacts:

LCON Culture of Health (COH) Urban Child Grant Director and PI
Dr. Lin Zhan, 901.678.2020

LCON COH Grant Initiatives Director
Dr. Teresa Richardson, 901.212.5246

LCON COH Asthma Prevention and Treatment Plan Team
Dr. Hoi Chung,
Dr. Leigh Ann Breckenridge,
Professor Betsy Moore,
Dr. Beverly Cross,

LCON COH Curricular Integration Team
Dr. Teresa Richardson,
Dr. Marie Gill,
Dr. Joy Hoffman,
Dr. Leigh Ann Breckenridge,

LCON COH Coordinator
Wendy Harrison, 901.678.2003