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Welcome to the Nursing in Diverse Cultures: Dominican Republic Home Page

Are you looking for a way to use your “gifts, knowledge and skills” in nursing?

Would you like to have an unforgettable experience in working with families from a different culture in “their country”?

Twice a year, the Loewenberg School of Nursing at the University of Memphis has medical mission trip to the Dominican Republic. Working collaboratively with the Foundation for Peace, we provide basic health care services to the population of one of most impoverished countries in the world. Services provided include health care screenings that focus on the family as a unit, providing treatment for current problems such as infections, and preventative care to promote health such as providing vitamins and iron. Teaching is also a major role that we provide in an effort to help sick people get well, and well people stay well. In additions to the benefits of the clients, you will also benefit. You will have an opportunity to practice your health assessment skills on people of all ages, with problems of all categories. You will help treat people with problems as common as allergies, to rare diseases only present in third world countries such as polio. Not to mention you will get to see all of those skin problems that we never get to see in hospitals. If the thought of being a detective is a cool job, then this trip is for you. The clients literally walk in with symptoms, and we diagnose and treat them as best we can.

This course has three credit options:

Option 1: Use as a upper division elective

NURS 4331. Nursing in Diverse Cultures. (3). Cultural concepts and relationship to health and illness of individuals and families; focus on how culture influences nursing roles and clinical decision making in diverse cultures. Tours and lectures provided to highlight salient features of nursing, health care and other points of interest. Travel to selected region required. PREREQUISITE: admission to Loewenberg School of Nursing.

Option 2:  use toward clinical hours in a practicum course. You must be enrolled in that practicum course to received credit towards it. Hours earned will be determined after the trip is finished.

NURS 4129. Population-Focused Nursing Practicum. (2). (4020). Use of nursing and public health theories and principles to provide nursing care to populations with the community setting; emphasis on the geriatric population. Six laboratory hours per week. PREREQUISITE: NURS 3117, 3118, 3119, 3127, 3129, 3217, 3219, 3227, 3229. COREQUISITE: *NURS 4127 (S/U).


NURS 4229. Nursing Leadership and Management Practicum. (4). Precepted experience using nursing leadership management theories and principles to coordinate nursing care of groups of patients. Twelve laboratory hours per week in hospital setting. PREREQUISITE: NURS 4117, 4119. COREQUISITE: *NURS 4227. (S/U). [C, I]  

Please browse our web site by clicking the links on the right side of this page. Here, you will find more information about the Dominican Republic itself, testimonials of previous participants, an FAQ section, pictures, and trip specific information.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you!

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If interested please email Dr. Lawrette Axley: naxley@memphis.edu

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