Annapoorna Mary, MSc (N), PhD, RN, CCRN, CNE
Assistant Professor

Phone:  901-678-2846
Fax:  901-678-4541
Office:  3562 Community Health Building
Curriculum vitae: Annapoorna Mary
 Dr. Annapoorna Mary


Education & Professional Qualifications:

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing - University of Tennessee 2004-2007
  • Master of Science in Nursing - Sri Ramachandra Medical College & Research Institute 2000-2002
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing - Madras Medical College 1997-1999
  • Diploma in General Nursing & Certification in Midwiverey St. Ann's School of Nursing 1980-1984


  • Medical Surgical Nursing & Critical care as sub clinical specialty.

Teaching & Coordinator:

  • Evidence Based Practice: BSN
  • Evidence Based Practice: RN –BSN
  • Advanced Nursing Research- MSN
  • Clinical Pathophysiology
  • Intro to Professional Nursing

Online Teaching:

  • Advanced Nursing Research and Evidence Based practice: MSN program
  • Evidence Based Practice: RN –BSN

Academic Merits and honors:

  • School First in Diploma nursing – St. Ann's school of Nursing-1984.
  • College First in PC- BSC Nursing : Madras Medical College, Chennai, India - 1999
  • Jeyalakshmi Jambunathan Gold Medal for best outgoing student MSc Nursing in Medical Surgical Nursing (SRMC.RI. DU. India, 2002).
  • Thirumathi R. Rajam Gold medal for best outgoing student award in MSc (N) program (SRMC. RI. DU. India, 2002)

Teaching Awards & Recognitions:

  • The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Faculty Nominee: 2010
  • Received the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Faculty: 2011

Research Awards & Recognitions:

  • Gleneagles Global Hospitals Research Excellence Award 2016

Clinical Merits & recognition:

  • Target 100 nurse for Shelby and Fayette Counties (2004): United States of America (USA).
  • Outstanding Employee of ST. Francis Health Care (2004): United States of America (USA)
  • Employee of the month CCU SFH (2005)

Community/University/LCON Service:

  • Students Affairs Committee, Co-Chair
  • Under Graduate Curriculum, Committee Member
  • Graduate Council Member
  • Nurse Research Council Member: BMH
  • Research consultant for BMH Collierville DTI Study
  • IRB Member for BMH
  • IRB Member University of Memphis
  • Progression committee member
  • Admission committee member
  • International Board of Examiner for PhD Thesis: Universities in India

Certifications/Qualifying exams for license:

  • CGFNS 1995
  • Nclex RN 2002
  • CCRN 2003
  • CPR 2002
  • ACLS 2002
  • PALS 2006
  • Trauma care Nursing Certification 2006
  • Chemotherapy provider certification 2006
  • ACLS instructor 2007


  • Critical Care & Emergency Room & MRT

Research Interests and Expertise:

  • Critical Care, Medical Surgical Nursing, Cardiac Nursing, and nursing education (Critical Thinking and clinical reasoning & EBP)


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