August 2017

Dr. Eric Bailey has joined the Loewenberg College of Nursing as the Assistant Dean for Nursing Students! 

Congratualtions to promotion of our faculty- Dr. Teresa Richardson as Clinical Professor, while Dr. Sheri Howard and Dr. Felesha Perry have been promoted to Clinical Associate Professor. 

July 2017

Dr. Toni Bargagliotti's article, titled "Entrustables and Entrustment: Through the Looking Glass at the Clinical Making of A Nurse Practitioner" was accepted for publication.

Dr. Christie Schrotberger led Mock Disaster Simulation was a huge success. This funded project in collaboration with Union and JGCC was successfully executed. Congratulations to Lambuth nursing faculty and students.

June 2017

The LCON community action research project "Building a culture of health for urban children and families" receives additional of $567,850 in FY18, to date we have received a total of $1,117,850 or >$1.1M for this project; we are moving forward and upward!

Drs. Michelle Baldwin and Hoi Chung successfully completed their teaching students/consulting on nursing education /and developing nursing faculty at Jining Medical University (JMU), China. This has been the six (6) years of the LCON's sustainable partnership with JMU. To date, Drs. Fleming, Elliotte, Lee, Beasley, Chung, Baldwin, Zhan, & Prof. Papraniku have been to JMU!

Congratulations to Sheri Howard who earned her PhD, now we can proudly call her Dr. Howard!

Dr. Felisha Perry is to run a Critical Care Bootcamp for nursing students prior to fall semester to learn some key concepts

May 2017

Dr. Brad Harrell's article entitled "Abdominal Compartment Syndrome as a Complication of Fluid Resuscitation" is published in the journal of  Nursing Clinics of North America.

This summer Drs. Michelle Baldwin and Hoi Chung will teach in China's Jining Medical University (JMU) with two areas – Pharmacology and Gerontology.

April 2017 

Dr. Rosemary McLaughlin, Clinical Associate Professor-Lambuth campus, is the recipient of the 2017 Margaret Miles Distinguished Service Award by the Society of Pediatric Nurses (SPN).

Dr. Marcy Purnell, Loewenberg Chair of Excellence/Director for Nursing Research is to publish an article in Discovery Medicine at John's Hopkins titled, "Bio-electric Field Enhancement: The Influence on Hyaluronan Mediated Motility Receptors in Human Breast Carcinoma."

Dr. Leigh Ann Breckenridge, Dr. Hoi Sing Chung, and Prof. Elizabeth Moore received the Society of Pediatric Nurses 2017 Excellence in Clinical Scholarship Award for our TUCI Pediatric Asthma Management Project.

Loewenberg College of Nursing Culture of Health team members Drs. Teresa Richardson, Joy Hoffman, Marie Gill, Hoi Chung, Leigh Ann Breckenridge and Prof. Betsy Moore presented "Building a Culture of Health in an Urban Community" at the Resilience Conference April 19 in Nashville. The team's presentation was part of the TUCI-funded project focused on ACEs prevention, trauma-informed care and building resilience through two major initiatives: integration of ACEs content and concept across nursing curriculum and pediatric asthma management across Shelby County Schools.

Prof. Jayne Wilson co-authored the paper "Chronic Conditions: A Motivator for Re-examining the Effectiveness of Promotions and Communications of Organizational Wellness Programs," which has been accepted for presentation at the Joint Conferences of the International Conference on Learning and Administration in Higher Education and the Academic Business World International Conference in Nashville.

Prof. Shkendie Papraniku received FNP certification and is now a board certified FNP.

Dr. Teresa Richardson, Clinical Associate Professor, presented her abstract, "Deciding whether a PhD or DNP is the right doctorate for you" at the Society of Pediatric Nursing (SPN) in a pre-conference workshop at the Society of Pediatric Nurses conference.

March 2017

Dr. Janet Tucker, Assistant Professor, paper has been accepted for a podium presentation at the Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) 2017 Annual Convention. Her presentation will highlight her dissertation research findings "A Fetal Anomaly Diagnosis: Mothers' Distress at Sharing the News".

Dr. Carr, Gloria, Associate Professor, will present her paper titled "Evidence-Based Interventions for Substance Abuse Among Victims of Adverse Childhood Experience" at the Global Health Conference in April 2017.

White-Means, S., Dr. Dapremont, Jill. (Associate Professor), Muriel, R., Davis, B, & Stoddard, O. (2016) abstract accepted for publication. Breast Cancer Mortality Disparities: Providers' Perspective. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, DOI: ISSN 1925-4040 (Print), ISSN 1925-4059 (Online).

Dr. Williams, Y'Esha (Assistant Professor), Cowan, P., Graff, C., Wicks, M., Hare, M., & Tolley, E. (2017, February), received the 3rd place honor for her poster and podium presentation at the Southern Nursing Research Society 31st annual conference for her paper titled "Associations among depressive symptoms, body mass index (BMI) z-scores, and physical activity self- efficacy in African American (AA) children" in Dallas, Texas.

February 2017

Congratulations Dr. Zhan

Dr. Lin ZhanDr. Lin Zhan - Dean of Nursing Lin Zhan, PhD, RN, FAAN, dean and professor of the Loewenberg College of Nursing, was newly elected as an AACN Board Member at-Large. An award-winning nurse educator who has taught students from the BSN to the PhD level, Dr. Zhan's research focuses on quality of life for older adults and ethnic minorities. Her scholarly work extends to serving as a reviewer for the refereed journals Nursing Education, Nursing Research, Advanced Nursing Sciences, Nursing Reports, and on the editorial board for the Journal of Gerontological Nursing. A recipient of many top honors, Dr. Zhan is a Wharton Executive Fellow and a Fellow of American Academy of Nursing. For AACN, she has served on the Program Committee as the chair of the Faculty Development Conference and the Executive Development Series, as a reviewer of the AACN-Johnson & Johnson Minority Faculty Scholarship awards, and as a current member of the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Group.

Dr. Marcy Purnell Named Chair of Excellence in Loewenberg College of Nursing

Dr. Marcy PurnellDr. Marcy C. Purnell, Director of Nursing Research, is revolutionizing medicine through research on a bio-electric field enhancement technology (BEFE) that could benefit cancer patients. She began her research on a BEFE footbath in 2008 after learning about its health benefits. Users of the technology, which was invented in Australia, have reported improvements in diabetes, wound care, cancer, autism and Alzheimer's disease.

Purnell's studies found that directing current into a set of conductive rings in water for 30 minutes has a positive effect on individuals. When a cell is enveloped in energy in a form it can use, it begins operating as it was designed to, she explains. "A cancer cell begins to behave like a normal cell and a normal cell works like it should." She began her research with bench work and is completing her phase one clinic trial.