Freshman Pre-Admission to the BSN Program

Memphis and Lambuth Campuses


The Loewenberg College of Nursing BSN Program pre-admits freshman to the five-semester, full-time BSN program. Applicants meeting admission criteria may apply to the traditional BSN program in their senior year of high school. Students pre-admitted to the BSN program complete nursing pre-requisite and general education courses in the freshman year and 1st semester of the sophomore year. Students in good standing and meeting all admission criteria are guaranteed admission to the BSN program. Admission typically occurs in the 2nd semester of the sophomore year, though earlier admission is possible given AP and dual enrollment credits.


Freshman Pre-Admission Requirements

  1. Admission to the UofM as a pre-nursing major undergraduate student.
  2. Submission of a completed online application to the Loewenberg College of Nursing (LCON) prior to May 1..
  3. Completion of high school Algebra I, II, Geometry, Biology, and Chemistry.
  4. Minimum ACT score of 23 with a minimum score of 21 in all areas.
  5. Graduation from an accredited high school with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0.


How to Apply/Deadlines

Freshman Pre-Admission applications to the LCON traditional BSN program may be submitted October 15th – May 1st

Step 1: Apply to the University of Memphis as a degree seeking undergraduate student. Applications for admission are available at Admissions

Step 2: Once accepted to the UofM, begin the application process to the Loewenberg College of Nursing. BSN applications are available at Nursing Application (LCON)


Tuition and Fees

The tuition rates below are estimates based on the 2015-2016 academic year and are subject to change by The University of Memphis without notice. For the most current information regarding tuition, visit Fees web page.

Total Program Cost In State 250-R Rate
Tuition $22,989 $36,729
Nursing Lab Fees $1,296 $1,296
Nursing Course Fees $1,980 $1,980
Total Cost (66 Hours) $26,265 $40,005


A limited number or scholarships are provided by LCON for current students. For information on LCON Scholarships visit:


Nursing Curriculum (Traditional 5-Semesters)

Semester 1 (N1) Semester 2 (N2) Semester 3 (N3) Semester 4 (N4) Semester 5 (N5)
NURS 3000 (3) NURS 3005 (2) NURS 3230 (3) NURS 3227 (2) NURS 4205 (4)
NURS 3400 (3) NURS 3006 (1) NURS 3231 (3) NURS 3229 (2) NURS 4206 (8)
NURS 3101 (2) NURS 3205 (3) NURS 4110 (3) UD Elective (3)  
NURS 3103 (1) NURS 3206 (3) NURS 3217 (2) NURS 3305 (3)  
NURS 3105 (3) NURS 4127 (3) NURS 3219 (2) NURS 3306 (3)  
NURS 3106 (2) NURS 4129 (1)      
  NURS 3127 (3)      
  NURS 3129 (1)      
Total Hrs. = 14 Total Hrs. = 17 Total Hrs. = 13 Total Hrs. = 13 Total Hrs. = 12

Bachelor of Science in Nursing for a sample plan of study.


Undergraduate Catalog

Detailed information about the BSN program, including policies, and course names and descriptions can be found in The University of Memphis 2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog. View Undergraduate Course list for NURS.



*Q: Do I have to complete all of my General Education Courses before starting the nursing program?
A: It is recommended that all General Education courses be completed before you enter the nursing program; no more than six (6) general education credit hours can be remaining prior to enrollment in the nursing program.

*Q: How many times may I repeat a prerequisite science course?
A: Science courses include Anatomy & Physiology I (with lab), Anatomy & Physiology II (with lab), and Microbiology (with lab). Students must earn a minimum combined GPA of 2.66 for all three courses. One science prerequisite courses may be repeated one time; the second course grade will be used to calculate the Science GPA along with the first grade earned for the remaining two science courses.

*Q: Who will be my Academic Advisor before I get accepted into nursing college?
A: You will be advised by an academic counselor in the Wilder Tower, specialized in the nursing program. To schedule an appointment, call (901) 678-2062.


Contact Us:

Assistant Dean of Students
LCON Academic Services Coordinator
Dee Beard, Graduate Analyst/Academic Advisor

The Loewenberg College of Nursing
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