Urban Child Institute

The Loewenberg College of Nursing has been funded ($1.1&M) by the Urban Child Institute to integrate ACEs across curriculum and implement the Pediatric Asthma Management Program across Shelby County Schools. The Project PI - Dr. Lin Zhan; Co-PIs - Drs. Marie Gill and Hoi Chung with team of researchers - Drs. Judith Rosenberg, Joy Hoffman, Leigh Ann Breckenridge, Beverly Cross (College of Education Chair of Excellence), and Prof. Betsy Moore.


Marcy Purnell

Marcy C. Purnell Ph.D., APN, FNP-C
Southern Nursing Research Society/Council of Advancement for Nursing Science
Hal and Alma Reagan Cancer Fellowship

Dr. Purnell was awarded a grant from the Southern Nursing Research Society/Council of Advancement for Nursing Science and the Hal and Alma Reagan Cancer Fellowship as a UTHSC graduate student. These awards funded her in vitro experimental and genomic work in the area of bio-electrodynamics using the Bio-Electric Field Enhancement device. This experimental and genomic work has laid the foundation for translation to animal models and clinical trials in the areas of wound repair, adjunct cancer treatment, diabetes, organ dysfunction, autism, Parkinson's disease, sickle cell, Alzheimer's disease, pain management, anxiety/depression and more.

Lin Zhan

Director and PI: Lin Zhan, PhD, FAAN
Center for Technologies and Research in Alzheimer's Care
Fedex Institute of Technology Innovation Grant

The Loewenberg College of Nursing received funding from Fedex Institute of Technology to establish Center for Technologies and Research in Alzheimer's Care (CTRAC), a multidisciplinary research center committed to research and development for innovative technologies to improve the health and quality of life of persons with Alzheimer's Disease and cognitive impairment. The center collaborates with researchers from other departments including Electrical and Computer Engineering, Public Health, Communication Sciences & Disorders, and Psychology. CTRAC also partners with community organizations and industries for demonstration of feasibility of technology applications in real-life settings. The research activities of CTRAC include: (a) development of the prototype of an automated and adaptive software system that assists persons with AD in performing computer activities and games, (b) demonstration of the feasibility of integrating an innovative new flexible neuro-sensing micro device for continuous tracking of cognitive neurological changes, and (c) examining effects of a therapeutic computer-assisted stimulating activity program on neurocognitive improvement in persons with AD.

Dean Lin Zhan Nursing

Dr. Lin Zhan delivered keynote speech "Aging and Quality of Life" at the World 10th Congress Conference on Long Term Care in Chinese Communities in Macau, China, October 24, 2013.




genae strong

Genae Strong, PhD, CNM, RNC-OB, IBCLC
International Lactation Consultant Association


Dr. Strong was awarded a grant by the International Lactation Consultant Association. This funded research enables Dr. Strong to determine essential content elements, identify effective teaching strategies, develop a model curriculum, and make recommendations for outcomes and indicators for pre-licensure breastfeeding education.

Sheri Howard

Sheri Howard, MSN, RN
Foundation of the National Student Nurses' Association (FNSNA)
Promise of Nursing for Tennessee Nursing School Grant

The University Of Memphis Lowenburg College Of Nursing partnered with Baptist Memorial Hospitals in the metro Memphis area. The hospital utilized a high fidelity scenario containing the same objectives as the one given to the senior nursing students prior to graduation to assess nursing competency. Laerdal simulations scenarios were purchased for university and hospital.

Faculty at the LCON are committed to generating and advancing nursing knowledge through discovery, application, and integration. Faculty have a diverse background in research and scholarly work, as shown in ongoing publications, presentations, funded research, and/or building programs of research.

Examples of faculty research interests and expertise include:

  • Multiculturalism
  • Health Promotion for ethnic minorities
  • Policy and trends in higher education
  • Gerontological research
  • Diversity in higher education
  • Health Literacy
  • Reducing infant morbidity
  • Diversifying nursing workforce
  • Disaster response
  • Medication practices
  • Quality of life of older adults
  • PTSD in veterans
  • Enhancing success strategies of black students in the nursing programs
  • Using technology in nursing education
  • Continue quality improvement in nursing education
  • Accelerated nursing education: strategies, challenges and future directions.
  • Development of nurse caring theory
  • Nurse commitment
  • Marketing nursing
  • Communication between patients and nurses
  • Contemporary roles of nurses
  • Breast cancer prevention for women with disabilities
  • Pain management
  • Instrument development
  • Women's Health and Provider Influence on Infant
  • Diabetes and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Obese Youth
  • Nursing Leadership
  • Mental Health Policy