The University is committed to ensuring equality in education and eliminating any and all acts of sexual misconduct from the campus. The following constitute a violation of University of Memphis' sexual misconduct policy:

  • Sexual assault
  • Dating violence
  • Domestic violence
  • Stalking

All of the above are considered unacceptable.  Actions that result in charges of sexual misconduct under this policy will be subject to University disciplinary action. They may also subject a student or staff member  to criminal and/or civil liability under state law.

Policy on Sexual Misconduct and Domestic Violence

The University has a policy prohibiting sexual misconduct.  The University has made every effort to formulate a comprehensive policy that provides students with information about the applicable definitions and the process.  The policy contains definitions of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking as well as information regarding consent and reporting. The full policy can be read here:


Reporting Sexual Misconduct

There are several options available to a student who is a victim of sexual misconduct and who decides to report.  In addition to bringing charges in criminal or civil court the complainant may also seek recourse through the university disciplinary process if the perpetrator is a student.

A complaint can be filed directly with the following University offices:

Title IX Coordinator
Office for Institutional Equity
156 Administration Building
(901) 678-2713


Associate Dean, Office of Student Conduct
Office of Student Conduct
359 University Center
(901) 678-2298

University of Memphis Police Services
109 Zach Curlin St.
(901) 678-4357 



We strongly encourage you to report incidents of misconduct to the appropriate campus officials or University Police. The University's Title IX Coordinator serves as a point of contact for any student who wishes to discuss a concern. The Title IX Coordinator is located in the Office for Institutional Equity in 156 Administration Building, and may be reached by phone at 678-2713 or via the office's website at


Additional Information