Start Your Career in the Nonprofit Sector with the Minor in Nonprofit Management

The Minor in Nonprofit Management is a practice-based minor designed to give students the skills to begin a career in the nonprofit sector. Through our partnerships and internship program, we provide valuable career connections for our students. 


18 semester hours:

Required course (3 hours): PADM 4226 Introduction to Nonprofit Organizations.

Guided electives (15 hours): Students must choose one from each category:

  1. Accounting and Financial Management: ACCT 2010, PADM 4228.
  2. Organization and Administration: PADM 3601, MGMT 3110.
  3. Communication Skills: COMM 4342, COMM 4375, COMM 4380, COUN 4621, MGMT 4420 or SWRK 3902
  4. Nonprofit Context: ANTH/PADM 4412, ART 3411, CSED 3302, PADM 3501, PADM 4221, POLS 3505, PSYC 3103, SOCI 4923, or SWRK 2911.
  5. Internship: PADM 4231; INTL 4911; or SWRK 4830/4831, or another approved internship course.

Boost Your Career with the Certified nonprofit Professional (CNP) Certification

Students who complete this minor and specified co-curricular activities will be eligible for the Certified Nonprofit Professional credential offered by the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance. The credential is designed to build competencies in nonprofit management through coursework, internships, volunteer opportunities, student association leadership activities and professional development workshops.


To declare the minor in Nonprofit Management, please Contact Ms. Candace McRae Walsh, Program Coordinator at or by phone at (901) 678-4395.

Minor in Public Administration

The Department also offers the Minor in Public Administration.  For more information about courses related to these degree programs, click here.