Traffic and Parking Rules and Regulations

Article V - Moving Violations

These regulations will be enforced at all times. Citations will be issued for violation of the following moving violations. Citation amounts (fines) are set forth at 0240-3-3-.08(8)(b). Drivers who drive so as to jeopardize the safety of others may also have their driving privileges revoked while on The University of Memphis property.

  1. STOP SIGN – A vehicle shall come to a complete halt at stop signs or pavement markings indicating “STOP” and remain stationary until it is sage to proceed.
  2. RECKLESS DRIVING – Vehicles shall not be operated in a manner so as to endanger life or property.
  3. SPEEDING – The maximum speed limit on The University of Memphis property, or on property leased by The University of Memphis, is 15 miles per hour.  The maximum speed limit on Walker, Patterson and Zach Curlin streets is 25 miles per hour.
  4. FAILURE TO OBEY DIRECTIONS – Vehicle operators must obey the lawful directions of a Police Officer or Parking Assistant.
  5. ONE-WAY STREET – Vehicles shall not be driven in violation of posted traffic direction signs.
  6. DRIVING ON SIDEWALK or in PEDESTRIAN WALKWAYS – Vehicles shall not be driven on sidewalks or in areas marked for pedestrian use only.
  7. ILLEGAL ENTRY – Vehicles shall not enter an area marked “Do Not Enter” or a gated parking lot by driving on sidewalks, grounds, by using a permit illegally or by tail-gating another vehicle to gain access.

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