Traffic and Parking Rules and Regulations

Article VII - Towing/Storage

  1. Agents designated by the University shall have authority to remove to a place of storage at the owner’s expense, any vehicle(s):
    1. Blocking disabled or handicapped curb cut or ramp
    2. Blocking a fire lane or fire hydrant (within fifteen (15) feet) or hindering movement of emergency vehicles.
    3. Blocking or parking in a driveway or traffic lane, or impeding traffic flow (double parked).
    4. Abandoned.
    5. Without license, parking permit or Vehicle Identification Number information visible.
    6. Upon which an Intent to Tow notice has been placed.
    7. Parked in lots not designated for parking permit purchased or reserved space without authorization.
    8. Parking in a restricted-disabled or handicapped space without authorization.
    9. Parked in violation of Traffic and Parking Regulations.
    10. Parked in no parking zones.
    11. Parked on sidewalks or on grounds (grass or unpaved areas).
    12. Parked opposing traffic on the University streets.
    13. Occupying more than one parking space.
    14. Parked in designated loading zones for longer than 15 minutes.
    15. Unregistered.
    16. Parked overtime in a metered space.
    17. Registered and parked in visitor spaces.
    18. Upon which a University Official determines it is necessary for facilitating the expeditious flow of traffic.
  2. In addition to any appropriate fine, the owner or operator of the offending vehicle shall be liable for payment of towing and storage fees.  The University of Memphis is not responsible for damage to any vehicle resulting from towing or storage.  Appeal procedures for towing are the same as described at rule 0240-3 3-.08(6).

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