Traffic and Parking Rules and Regulations

Every vehicle parked on the University of Memphis campus must have a parking permit (hang-tag) properly displayed from the inside rear-view mirror post. The permits (hang-tags) are distributed to new students each semester and are valid for a 3-year period. These permits are transferable to any vehicle driven. The numbered permits are registered to the individual student and that student is responsible for any fines assigned to that permit number.

There are several different types of parking lots on campus. They are designated as Priority (gate-access), General, Campus Resident, Reserved, and Visitor. All internal streets on campus are reserved for campus residents. All perimeter streets, i.e. Zach Curlin, Patterson, and Walker are owned by the City of Memphis. The Memphis Police Department and The University of Memphis Police Department will enforce parking on these streets.

Vehicles must be parked within parking spaces delineated by white lines. Improperly parked vehicles will be cited and may be towed at the owner's expense. The issuance of a parking permit does not guarantee a parking space on University property. If you choose to park on campus, you will be responsible for parking in accordance with the University parking regulations.

Traffic and Parking Regulations

Article I - Purpose

Article II - General

Article III - Definitions

Article IV - Parking Regulations

Article V - Moving Violation

Article VI - Citation Appeals and Administration

Article VII - Towing/Storage

Article VIII - Penalties

0240-3-3-.10 Motor Vehicle Registration And Parking

State, City and County Automobile Requirements