TigerPark Training

Logging Into TigerPark for Faculty/Staff and Students

myMemphis Portal

Faculty, staff and students can access TigerPark through the myMemphis portal. Login to the myMemphis portal with your University username and password.

Guests will not have an account within the portal. To appeal a citation or view their account information, guests may access TigerPark here.

TigerPark Portal Channel

Customers will click on TigerPark (highlighted at the bottom of the TigerPark channel). Please note that users may also enter TigerPark through the Parking & Transportation Services Web site. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to always access TigerPark via the myMemphis portal to take advantage of single sign-on access.

Viewing Your Citations

TigerPark Home Page

After successfully entering TigerPark, users will see the above screen. If attempting to view citations, click on View Your Citations.


View Citations

The View Your Parking Citations screen displays information related to a specific citation, including the status of any appeals currently in process for that citation. If the citation is less than fifteen (15) days old, users will have the ability to appeal the citation online by clicking the link in the Appeal Status/Number column. If the citation is more than fifteen (15) days old, "Appeal N/A" will appear. Contact Parking & Transportation Services if you have any questions related to citation appeals.


Your Citation Details

The Your Citation Details screen display the details of the citation and your vehicle information.


Your Vehicle Details

Clicking on the license plate number of a registered vechile will access the Your Vehicle Details screen. This screen displays the vehicle information on record in Parking & Transportation Services.


Appealing Citations Online

Search Citations

The Search for a Citation to Appeal screen allows users to search for any citation on record.


Appeal Agreement

Once the citation and license plate numbers are entered users are directed to the appeal agreement screen.


Appeal Details

The e-mail, address, and appeal reason fields are required.


Appeal Receipt

Once an appeal is submitted, users are provided an appeal receipt. Please print this receipt for your records.


Purchasing a Permit Online

Select Permit

The Effective Term corresponds with the semester for which permit sales are currently available. Select the radio button for the permit in which you are interested. Signify that you have read and understand the corresponding rules and regulations, and click Next.


Select Permit

Choose the lot in which you wish to park from the Lot dropdown box, and click Next.

Payment Information

The fee associated with this lot/permit will appear in the Fee column. Click Next to proceed with this purchase.

TigerPark Online Payment

Select your method of payment from the Payment Method dropdown box and click Continue.

TigerPark Online Payment

If your selection was an electronic check, you will need to provide the account type, ABA routing number, account number, and the account holder's name in the specified fields. If you pay by credit card, you will need to enter the required credit card fields. The University does not accept American Express. Click Continue when complete.

PLEASE NOTE: Return Check Service Charge $30: Applies to each check/draft or credit card returned unpaid by your financial institution. This fee will also be assessed if a keying error on your part results in your financial institution's failure to honor the draft.

TigerPark Online Payment

If applicable, please read the Electronic Check Payment Information disclosure carefully, and click Continue to proceed.

Payment Receipt

Your payment will be processed and, if approved, you will be taken to a confirmation screen. You may print this page for your records.