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Sebastian Orlander
BA, Philosophy and English Literature - Miami University
Research and Teaching
Sebastian’s interests are broadly focused on philosophy of mind and how these questions relate to problems in metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics. More specifically, he is interested in the topics of Selfhood/Personhood, Consciousness, Perception, and Practical Rationality, while drawing from resources of analytic philosophy, phenomenology, and the cognitive sciences.

Sebastian is also interested in the history of philosophy, specifically history from Kant onwards, including Phenomenology, early analytic philosophy, Peircean pragmatism, Hegel, and Marx. Part of what animates his topically oriented interests is an attempt at understanding why professional philosophy in the West did fracture into what we understand as analytic and continental philosophy, when both traditions take some of their origins in a shared philosophical culture. Understanding why this developed may also show how one could reconstitute a philosophical community that is genuinely ‘academic’ in Plato’s original understanding of the term, as well as promote the virtues and ideals of leading a philosophical life.
Contact Details
MA student
Office: 315 Clement Hall
Email: srlander<at>memphis<dot>edu


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