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Stefano Vincini
BA, Philosophy - University of Milan, Italy
MA, Philosophy - University of Milan, Italy
Erasmus Programme, Philosophy - University of Cologne, Germany
Visiting Student, University of Bochum, Germany
Research and Teaching
Stefano’s main research interests are phenomenology and philosophy of mind. He investigates phenomenological issues such as intersubjectivity, time-consciousness, and the formation of ideal objectivities, and is committed to examining the possibilities of phenomenology as a philosophical discipline. His interests in philosophy of mind range widely, from intentionalism to theories of concepts, from the “hard problem of consciousness” to free will. In all of these, he seeks a fruitful interaction with phenomenological analysis.

Stefano pursues an empirical phenomenological-psychological approach as a way to assess the validity of phenomenological claims in thought-provoking borderline cases. Specifically, he researches in the areas of developmental psychology and animal cognition, with also the aim of providing philosophically adequate interpretations of experimental findings. More broadly, he is interested in cognitive sciences, paying particular attention to their implicit categorical foundations.

In the last part of the PhD, Stefano wants to focus on the problem of the self. On the one hand, he is intent on the strictly phenomenological question of whether the self is necessary to account for specific types of conscious experience. On the other hand, he strives for a comprehensive theory of the self, which takes into consideration empirical science and benefits from various philosophical approaches.

Stefano loves ancient philosophy and logic, which are his favorite things to teach. He always thought himself more drawn to Aristotle than to Plato, yet the latter is recently making up some ground.
Contact Details
PhD student
Office: 315 Clement Hall
Email: sgvncini<at>memphis<dot>edu
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