Sarah Marshall

Sarah Marshall


James Madison University, B.S.
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Teaching Certification​
University of Memphis, M.A.


19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy, Feminist Theory, Psychoanalysis


History of Social and Political Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy


"Economies of Sacrifice and Salvation: Interest in The Death Penalty"
Comittee: Kas Saghafi (Chair), Mary Beth Mader, Verena Erlenbusch, Michael Naas


  • "Survival's Spectral Performativity: Sacrificial Indemnification and The Death Penalty" Parallax 24 (1), 2018. (7000 words, forthcoming)
  • "Erydicean Revolt and Metam-Orphic Writing in Arendt and Kristeva." In New Forms of Revolt: Kristeva's Intimate Politics. Edited by Sarah Hanson and Rebecca Tuvel. New York: SUNY Press, 2017. (9500 words, in press)
  • "Eating Well with Pleshette DeArmitt." Journal of French and Francophone Philosophy XXIII 23 (2), 2015: 45-49.
  • "'One Must Imagine What One Denies': How Sartre Imagines The Imaginary." Evental Aesthetics 3, no. 1 (2014): 16-39.


  • "Blood-less Bodies: A Study in Anasemic Ab-Sencing"
    Paper, International Society for Psychoanalysis and Philosophy Conference, New York, NY, 2016
  • "Hematology in The Death Penalty Seminars: Making Sense of Sacrificial Economy"
    Paper, Derrida Today Conference, London, UK, 2016
  • "Hidden Interests in The Death Penalty: Derrida's Readings of Kant, Baudelaire, and Nietzsche"
    Paper, Collegium Phaenomenologicum, Città di Castello, Umbria, Italy, 2015
  • "Echoing Pleshette's Metamorphic Love Stories"
    Paper, Kristeva Circle Conference, Memphis, TN, 2015
  • "'A Seminar is Not a Fable': The Fictive Effect of Sovereign Power and the Art of Making Known in Derrida's The Beast and the Sovereign"
    Paper, Derrida Today Conference, New York, NY, 2014
  • "A Recounting: Arendt and Kristeva De-sense the Myth of Orpheus and Eurydice"
    Paper, Kristeva Circle Conference, Nashville, TN, 2014
  • "Derrida's Feminist Critique of Cap-ita/ol"
    Commentary on Ammon Allred, Mid-South Philosophy Conference, Memphis, TN, 2013
  • "The Rebirth of Zōē: Ingenious Biography and the Future of the Polis"
    Paper, philoSophia Conference, Banff, Alberta, Canada, 2013


Values in the Modern World, Fundamental Issues in Philosophy, Feminist Theory, Contemporary Moral Problems