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Nicole Detraz

Assistant Professor

International Relations, Environmental Politics

Eric Groenendyk

Assistant Professor

American Politics

Doug Imig


Public Policy, American Politics

Matthias Kaelberer

Professor, Chair of the Department of Political Science

Comparative Politics, International Relations

J. Harvey Lomax

Associate Professor

Political Theory

Dursun Peksen

Associate Professor

International Relations, Comparative Politics, Methods

Sharon A. Stanley

Associate Professor

Political Theory, Public Law


Ebony Dawkins

Political Theory, Public Law, Undergraduate Advising

Molly Henderson

American Politics, Political Theory

Jeffrey Leedham

American Politics, Political Theory

W. David Madlock

American Politics, Political Theory

Leah Windsor

International Relations, Comparative Politics, American Politics


Paul Mego

American Politics, International Relations, Comparative Politics


Angela S. Kuykendoll


Recent and forthcoming faculty publications:

Stanley, Sharon (forthcoming 2015) "The Enduring Challenge of Racial Integration in the United States." Du Bois Review.


Peksen, Dursun (forthcoming 2015) “Media-driven Humanitarianism? News Media Coverage of Human Rights Abuses and the Use of Economic Sanctions,” International Studies Quarterly. (with Timothy M. Peterson and A. Cooper Drury)


Kaelberer, Matthias (2014) "Sovereign Debt or Balance of Payments Crisis? Exploring the Structural Logic of Adjustment in the Eurozone." Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies.


Groenendyk, Eric (2014) “Emotional Rescue: How Emotions Help Partisans Overcome Collective Action Problems.” Political Psychology. (with Antoine J. Banks)


Detraz, Nicole (2014) Environmental Security and Gender. Routledge.


Mego, Paul (2014) “The Evolution of an Interdisciplinary Team-Taught Course.” Journal of Social Sciences Research. (with David Dietrich)


Peksen, Dursun (2014) "The Impact of Human Rights INGO Shaming on Humanitarian Intervention." Journal of Politics. (with Amanda Murdie)


Detraz, Nicole and Leah Windsor. (2014) "Evaluating Climate Migration: Population Movement, Insecurity and Gender." International Feminist Journal of Politics.


Groenendyk, Eric. (2013) Competing Motives in the Partisan Mind: How Loyalty and Responsiveness Shape Party Identification and Democracy. Oxford University Press.


Lomax, J. Harvey. (2013) Political Philosophy Cross-Examined: Perennial Challenges to the Philosophic Life. Palgrave Macmillan. (with Thomas L. Pangle).


Stanley, Sharon. (2013) "Toward a Reconciliation of Integration and Racial Solidarity." Contemporary Political Theory.

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