GA Appointment Phase II - 2013

Project Scope:
Review the Graduate Assistant hiring process that was implemented in 2011 with a focus on improvements for the departmental users, Graduate School, HR Records, and Bursar offices.  Enhance the GA on-line contract, make updates to the contract database, create departmental reports and update training documentation.

PROPOSED TIMELINE: Fall 2012 - March 2014

Agenda/Minutes Project Plan          "AS IS" Mapping

Project Updates:
Project Team:
  • Becky Ward, Electrical Computer Engineering
  • Christine McDonald, Business & Finance Support Services
  • Colette Williams, Process Improvement - Project Manager
  • Debbie Wooddell, Human Resources
  • Evonne Walton, Human Recources Employee Records
  • Farzana Alam, Business & Finance Support
  • Gerald Hamilton, Enterprise Administrative Services
  • Ilene Cooper, Bursar Office
  • Jan Brownlee, Team Lead, Graduate School Services
  • Latica Jones, Psychology
  • Margaret Anne Jarred, Human Resources Employee Records
  • Patty Murry, Business & Finance Support Services
  • Yolanda Fleming, Project Assistant

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