GA Responsibility Center Management (RCM) Budget Model

Project Scope:
In order to adopt Responsibility Center Management (RCM) Budgeting formula for Fall 2015, the team will meet to identify the changes needed for the GA eContract and Banner EPAFs. 


Agenda/Minutes Project Plan    

Project Updates:

Project Team:
  • Christine McDonald, Business & Finance Support Services
  • Colette Williams, Process Improvement - Project Manager
  • Debbie Wooddell,Human Resources
  • Farzana Alam, Business & Finance Support Services
  • Ilene Cooper, Bursar Office
  • Jan Brownlee, Graduate School Services
  • Karen Smith, Financial Aid 
  • Margaret Anne Jarred, HR Records 
  • Patty Murry, Business & Finance Support Services (Reporting)
  • Sara Hagan, Business & Finance Support Services  
  • Sidonna Foust, Team Lead, Business & Finance Support Services 
  • Susan Boyce, Financial Planning 
  • Yolanda Fleming, Project Assistant

Expected Outcomes:
Review and determine all GA e-contract changes needed:
  • GA e-Contract changes will be required to identify a GA according to student program level (Doctoral/Professional and Masters/UG-progressing to GA)
  • Tuition module added to accommodate breakdown of tuition waivers according to GA student program le

Review and determine all GA EPAF and Banner HR changes: 
  • Create new Eclass for Graduate Assistant – Doctoral with default earnings 014 and new account code
  • Create new set of pooled GA-Doctoral positions for all departments
  • Create new set of CWSP group pool positions (Instruction, Research, etc.) Debbie Wooddell verified with Financial Aid Office that the Banner HR to Banner Student interface will work with the recommended changes
  • Update GA e-Contract and GA EPAF documentation
    • Discuss the impact on Departments, Graduate School, and HR Records, for example, departments must be communicated/trained to know which position to use

Review and implement reporting changes 

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