Handling both University and personal travel needs.

The University's Travel Agent is Travelennium. They are located on-campus for your convenience or at their main office located at 556 Colonial. The University currently has discounted airfares available from Delta. These discounts are only available on tickets purchased through the University Travel Agent. The discounts apply to personal as well as University travel. Contact them for full travel services for both official and personal travel needs.

Since tickets purchased from other sources require a more time consuming process and must be approved prior to purchase for reimbursement, check with Travelennium before booking elsewhere. University Policy UM1309 University Travel should be carefully reviewed prior to any commitments for travel accommodations. For official university travel please provide your University Travel Authorization number when calling.

Travelennium Agents here for you

On-Campus Location: 147 Administration Building
Barbara Bullington bbullington@travelennium.com, 901.678.3204
Valerie Wince vwince@travelennium.com, 901.678.3321
Fax: 901.678.2870

Off-Campus, Travelennium's Main Office
Peggy Robinson
556 Colonial Rd
Memphis, TN 38117
Telephone: 901.767.0761

After Hours contact: 1.800.988.1435
Regularly Scheduled Business Hours: 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. CT

Due to airline carrier heightened security and FAA regulations, the purchase of non-refundable airline tickets are what they are: non-refundable. Once a non-refundable ticket is issued, it must be re-issued in the same name as originally ticketed. Airline carriers no longer allow name changes under any circumstances on a non-refundable ticket. Tickets must be issued with the full name as it appears on the traveler's picture ID. Birth dates are also needed to be issued a ticket.