Internships - Beneficial to Students AND Employers

An internship is typically a one-time work or service experience related to a student's major or career goal. The structure generally places the student in a professional work setting under the supervision and monitoring of a practicing professional.

For students, internships are the perfect platform for gaining industry knowledge and applying what they've learned in the classroom in a "real world" setting and for laying the groundwork for possible future employment.

For employers, internships provide a fresh stream of early talent and play a critical role in an effective recruiting strategy.

EVERYONE WINS through internship programs designed to mutually "test drive" potential future commitments!

Be sure to check out the Fogelman Internship Network (FIN)!

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Career Coaching

Prepare for a successful future by taking advantage of the many resources and programs available to business majors through the Professional Development Center. Invest in yourself so you will be ready any time a career opportunity comes your way!

Make your Résumé stand out

Your resume is your potential future employer's first impression of you, so make it stand out for all the right reasons. Hiring managers typically spend no more than 30 seconds reviewing job candidate résumés, so whatever makes you competitive must be easy to spot. In addition, your résumé reflects your ability to communicate, which is one of the top five most demanded skills in today's job market. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression!

Start with these helpful tools.

Resume Planner – this worksheet will help you get the ball rolling.
Resume Packet – this helpful guide will assist you in preparing your career-related content.

Choose the right template.

To help get you noticed, we've developed templates for two different types of résumés, based on recommendations from recruiters for several top companies - ones you've definitely heard of! As you review each version, consider your unique experience and ask yourself, "What experience do I currently have that would impress an employer?"

Sample Version A is right for you if your experience is related mostly to academics and campus or community involvement. Sample Version B is for you if your skills and experience are closely tied to your work history. Be sure click on the annotated versions below; they contain helpful comments that identify the different résumé features and why they are important.

Version A (Annotated)
Version B (Annotated)

Make it your own.

Download the version you selected and plug in your own name, contact, and career-related information. Be sure to identify your degree and major information properly.

Version A Template
Version B Template

Check it for accuracy.

Carefully proof your resume – spelling, content, format, and spacing. Check all dates and numbers for accuracy. Make it easy for employers to find you by titling your saved file as follows:

LAST NAME, FIRST NAME, RÉSUMÉ, DATE (indicated with 8 numerals, no symbols).


The Fogelman Internship Network (FIN) is a great place for your resume to be seen by lots of potential employers. First, set up your profile; then upload your approved resume. Once it's been screened, your resume will be visible to our nearly 300 FIN employer partners! This online networking tool is managed by the Professional Development Center, and membership is limited to FCBE majors and business partners. Set up your FIN account here.


So, you've landed an interview! Now it's time for a mock interview, which will serve as a dress rehearsal for your real interview. Your coach will present you with some of the most commonly asked interview questions and provide valuable feedback about the content of your responses and your communication style (both verbal and non-verbal). She will point out your areas of strength and give you constructive tips for making improvements where needed. You will leave feeling much more confident and better prepared for the "real thing." To schedule a mock interview: email Carolyn Cates, Assistant Director.