GSCC Student Travel Fund Awards

To receive consideration for conferences during fall, spring, or summer semesters, please submit an application no later than the following dates:

  • Semester of Travel Fall (September - December)
    • Deadline to apply for funding
    • September 15

  • Semester of Travel Spring (January - April)
    • Deadline to apply for funding
    • February 1

  • Semester of Travel Summer (May - August)
    • Deadline to apply for funding
    • May 1

GSCC Travel Funds Guidelines

GSCC Travel Funds Application

Student Government Association Travel Funding

The Student Government Association (SGA) is an additional source of potential funding for student travel to professional conferences. Students can receive a maximum of one such award per fiscal year. See the SGA Web page for additional guidelines at

Deadlines are not posted other than that there shall be no retroactive funding. Note that the SGA does not meet in the summer. Thus, if you plan on traveling in the summer, be sure to submit your application the preceding spring semester.

Donovan Travel Enrichment Funds

A limited number of student travel awards are made available each term through the College of Arts and Sciences. One advantage of this type of award is that you are not required to be making an academic presentation at the proposed meeting to be eligible for an award. Note that deadlines for this type of award fall one semester prior to the proposed travel. For more information on Donovan Travel Enrichment Funds visit: