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Spring 2011 Psychology Honors Course Offerings

Psychology Honors Classes Periodically Offered

  1. PSYC 1200: Honors General Psychology (Students who wish to enroll in this course during their first year can do so either by meeting the requirements for the University Honors Program or by instructor permission).
  2. Honors Sections of courses in the regular Psychology curriculum, including PSYC 3101 (Psychology of Personality), PSYC 3102 (Abnormal Psychology), PSYC 3101 (Child Psychology), PSYC 3106 (Social Psychology), PSYC 3303 (Thinking and Cognitive Processes), PSYC 3306 (Physiological Psychology), and PSYC 3507 (Alcohol, Drugs, and Behavior).
  3. PSYC 4029: Introduction to Neuropsychology
  4. PSYC 4030: Issues in Psychotherapy Research
  5. PSYC 4032: Research Methods, Honors
  6. PSYC 4305: Mind, Brain, and Intelligence, Honors
  7. PSYC 4016: Social Psychological Applications to Clinical Psychology, Honors
  8. PSYC 4040 - 4049: Honors Special Topics
  9. PSYC 4504: Directed Research or PSYC 4506: Directed Research in Behavioral Neuroscience
  10. PSYC 4996: Honors Senior Thesis or PSYC 4997: Senior Thesis in Behavioral Neuroscience

Psychology Honors Contracts

Students may ask the instructor of psychology course to negotiate an honors contract. The contract should be completed before the second week of classes and turned in to the Psychology Honors Coordinator, Dr. William Zachry, along with a copy of the course syllabus. The instructor and student agree on a substitute or additional assignment that would provide a more challenging learning experience. Examples include an extra research paper, outside readings, class presentations, laboratory or field research, or other independent project.

Students pursuing an honors contract must complete the PHP Contract Form.

Psychology Honors Senior Thesis

Students may ask a Psychology faculty member to serve as advisor for the Honors Senior Thesis, typically completed during the student's last semester. Before enrolling in Senior Thesis, students complete at least one semester of Directed Research with the same faculty advisor who will oversee work on the Senior Thesis. For detailed information, please see the Directed Research/Senior Thesis Guidelines.

If you have questions, please contact the Honors Program Coordinator.

Honors Program Coordinator
Melloni Cook

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