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Students Receiving Honors in Psychology Designation

Spring 2011

Megan Brianne Battles
Thesis: The Impact of Conversational Acknowledgers on Perceptions of Psychotherapists
Mentor: Jeffrey Berman

Kristy Marie DiSabatino
Thesis: Adolescent Protective Behavior as a Moderator of the Relation Between Parent Depression and Adolescent Emotion Regulation Difficulties
Mentor: Gilbert Parra

Jonathan Michael McAteer
Thesis: Risk Taking: A Longitudinal Analysis
Mentor:  Leslie Robinson

Rachel Magellan Taylor
Thesis: Ethnic Comparisons of Complicated Grief and Spiritual Coping In a Diverse Sample of Bereaved Individuals
Mentor: Bob Neimeyer

Cameron Michael Watson
Thesis: Developmental Bisphenol-A Exposure: Effects on Working Memory in a Delayed Spatial Alternation Task
Mentor: Helen Sable

Fall 2010

Candice Burkett
Thesis: The Relationship Among Metacognitive Judgments, Study-Time Allocation and Inferences During Multimedia Learning.
Mentor: Roger Azevedo

Ronni Austria Jupson
Thesis: Simultaneous Prediction and Reaction in Sequence Learning
Mentor: Rick Dale

John C. Myers
Thesis: What’s Different about Dialogue? A Comparative Approach
Mentor: Danielle McNamara

Spring 2010

Teresa Acklie
Thesis: Social Appearance Anxiety and Attitudinal Body Image: Convergent and Discriminant Validity
Faculty Mentor: Gayle Beck

James Arnett
Thesis: A Meta Analysis of g-loadings According to the Cattell-Horn-Carroll Theory of Intelligence.
Faculty Mentor: Randy Floyd

Laura Collins
Thesis: Parent and Adolescent Reports of Emotional Security
Faculty Mentor: Gilbert Parra

Lawrence Houston
Thesis: Predicting Success: The Relationship Between the Wonderlic Personnel Test and the ACT and College Exams
Faculty Mentor: Randy Floyd

Sara Jordan
Thesis: Do Different Emotions in Language Produce Switching Costs?
Faculty Mentor: Max Louwerse

Ryan Morehead
Thesis: Determination of Cerebellar to Prefrontal Cortex Connectivity in the mouse: A Potential Neuronal Substrate Mediating Autism Spectrum Disorders
Faculty Mentor: Charles Blaha

Samantha Patton
Thesis: Evidence Showing the Ability of Fixed Potential Amperometry to Increase the Productivity of the Wireless Instantaneous Neurotransmitter Concentration System Using a Levadopa-Treated Parkinsonian Animal Model
Faculty Mentor: Charles Blaha

Jessica Voyles
Thesis: Does Prosody Facilitate Retention of Both High and Low Knowledge Comprehenders?
Faculty Mentor: Max Louwerse

Alicia White
Thesis: Reasons for Relationship Dissolution among Never Married not Cohabitating Parents
Faculty Mentor: Gilbert Parra

Spring 2009

Nia Marcia Maria Dowell
Thesis: The Effect of Therapist Nonverbal Behavior on Client Perceptions
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Berman

Andrea Denise Garrison
Thesis: Gender Bias Versus The Head of the Table Cue: Who is the Leader?
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ron Landis

Stephanie Robinette Paulk
Thesis: Wen I Rite Gud It Cuz I Dun Did It Lots: The Effects of Repeated Practice on the Improvement of Writing Skills of General Psychology Students
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Frank Leeming

Fall 2008

Rachel Tillery

Thesis: Contributions of Acetylcholine Receptors During Subthalamic Nucleus Deep Brain Stimulation: Relevance to Parkinson’s Disease
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Charles Blaha

Spring 2008

Brettjet Cody
Thesis: The Effects of Seating Arrangement on Group Interaction in a Classroom Setting
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Berman

Rebekah Lambert
Thesis: Determining Optimal Deep Brain Stimulation Parameters in the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Charles Blaha

Fall, 2007

Brienne Allen
Thesis: Emotion Regulation and Symptoms of Depression
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Gilbert Parra

Kayla Harris
Thesis: Race and Socioeconomic Status as Moderators of the Relation Between Parental Responsiveness to Emotions and Depression
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Gilbert Parra

Kristy Tapp
Thesis: Exploring Problem Solving Using Open-Ended and Computational Measures of Creativity, Critical Thinking and Analytical Reasoning
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Art Graesser

Summer 2007

Brandon King
Thesis:  The Effect of Student Input Method in Computer-Based Tutorial Interactions
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Art Graesser

Spring 2007

Julianne Bitely
Thesis: The effects of muscarinic acetylcholine receptor blockade on the ability of cocaine to enhance stimulation evoked dopamine in the nucleus accumbens
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Charles Blaha

Leigha Francis
Thesis:  Examining Gender Differences in Aggression for Children in the United States and China
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Robert Cohen

Kevin Karl
Thesis:  Family Factors as Predictors of the Discrepancy Between Youth and Parent Reports of Child Psychopathology
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Gilbert Parra

Doris Leeper
Thesis:  The Effect of Gestures: How Varying Pointing Devices Affect Memory and Speed
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Max Louwerse

Gwyneth Lewis
Thesis: When Roses are Blue and Elephants Small: Effects of Color and Size During Lexical Processing
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Max Louwerse

Erin Lightman
Thesis: Using Coh-Metrix to Assess the Lyrics of Suicidal and Non-Suicidal Songwriters
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Danielle McNamara

Lindsey Rice
Thesis: Stress, Depression, and Alcoholism: Is There a Relationship?
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Melloni Cook

Megan Zirnstein
Thesis: Online Processing of Music and Text
Faculty mentor: Dr. Max Louwerse

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