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8025: Special Topics in Psychology. (1-3 credits)

Topics are varied and announced in online class listings.

8203: Behavior Analysis. (3 credits)

A comprehensive treatment of behavioral principles in their application to simple and complex forms of behavior. The course focuses on operant conditioning of animal behavior and demonstrates the basic behavioral principles at work in their simplest form. These operant conditioning principles are extended to human behavior occurring in the natural environment. Increasingly complex human behaviors are successively introduced.

8212: Industrial Psychology. (3 credits)

Examination of the content and methodology used by industrial psychologists in personnel selection, classification, training, and performance evaluation. Students are familiarized with the skills necessary for these activities, as well as the guidelines and legal constraints on organizations hiring, promotion, and performance evaluation practices.

8213: Personnel Psychology. (3 credits)

An in-depth study of the theories and procedures used by personnel psychologists to conduct job analyses and apply the findings to the development of valid and reliable selection/ promotion strategies and performance measurement instruments. The course includes a significant amount of hands-on experience so students acquire the knowledge and skills to competently carry out these activities in applied settings. PREREQUISITE: 7211/8211.

8214: Industrial and Organizational Training. (3 credits)

Examination of the content and methodology used by industrial psychologists to develop, implement, and evaluate training programs in work settings. Students acquire the skills to conduct training needs assessments, select from various training platforms, develop training programs, and assess the degree to which they accomplish their organizational objectives. The course includes exposure to new computer-based and web-based training technologies.

8215: Organizational Psychology. (3 credits)

The course deals with the major organizational determinants of individual and group behavior and performance. The characteristics of organization structure and climate are explored from both a classical and a contemporary viewpoint. Organization change and development theories are examined plus the major ancillary theoretical positions on leadership, individual and group performance, behavior modification, selection and training. PREREQUISITE: Permission of instructor.

8216: Behavior Management. (3 credits)

Application of the principles of operant/instrumental learning to human behavior change in various organizational, educational, and rehabilitative settings. Practical implementation of the principles of behavior analysis and management will be stressed and expected of the student. PREREQUISITE: PSYC 7203-8203 or equivalent.

8218: Increasing Organizational Productivity. (3 credits)

Examination of the theories and methodologies used to diagnose organization problems, determine their causes, and select, implement, and evaluate interventions to mitigate the problems and increase organizational productivity. Students acquire a knowledge base and specific skills employed by organizational psychologists to help effect organizational improvements. The course involves lecture, discussion, and group projects.

8304: Measurement Theory and Psychometrics. (3 credits)

Measurement theory involved in the construction and evaluation of psychological measuring instruments will be stressed. Particular emphasis will be placed on scaling methods and their use in psychological research and evaluation.

8307: Models of Program Evaluation. (3 credits)

History and nature of program evaluation, review of different approaches taken to evaluation by variety of major theorists in the field; practice in evaluation.

8309: Focus Group Research in Psychology. (3 credits)

Examination of the general logic of focus group research, including strengths and weaknesses of this approach. Methodology will be covered in depth, including how to plan a project, development of questions for a focus group, moderating the group, and analyzing and reporting data. Completion of a semester project is required.

8507: Seminar: Industrial Psychology. (3 credits)
8510: Seminar: Organizational Psychology. (3 credits)
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