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Dr. Charles Blaha Charles Blaha

Professor, Director of Experimental Program
Experimental (Behavioral Neuroscience)
Psychology Building, Room 416
901.678.1560 (telephone)
901.678.2579 (fax)

Ph.D., University of Oregon
B.A., University of California, Santa Barbara

Research Interests
  • Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders
  • Drug Addiction Research Using State-of-the-Art in vivo Electrochemical and Microdialysis Recording Techniques
  • Systems Neuroscience Approach to Understanding the Neurobiological Bases of Incentive-motivated Behaviors
Recent Publications
  • Lee, K.H., Kristicm K., van Hoff, R., Hitti, F.L., Blaha, C.D., Harris, B., Roberts, D.W. and Leiter, J.C. (2007). High frequency stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus increases glutamate in the subthalamic nucleus of rats as demonstrated by in vivo enzyme-linked glutamate sensor.  Brain Research, 1162:121-129.
  • Lee, K.H., Blaha, C.D., Cooper, S., Hitti, F.L., Leiter, J.C., Roberts, D.W. and Kirn, U. (2006). Dopamine efflux in the rat striatum evoked by electrical stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus: potential mechanism of action in Parkinson's disease, European Journal of Neuroscience, 23:1005-1014.
  • Leck, K.J., Blaha, C.D., Matthaei, K.L, Forster, G.L., Holgate, J. and Hendry, I.A. (2006). Gz proteins are functionally coupled to dopamine D2-like receptors in vivo, Neuropharmacology, 51:597-605.
  • Dommett, E., Coizet, V., Blaha, C.D., Martindale, J., Lefebvre, V., Walton, N., Mayhew, J.E.W., Overton, P.G. and Redgrave, P. (2005). How visual stimuli activate dopaminergic neurons at short-latency, Science, 307:1476-1479
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