Robert Cohen, Ph.D.

Robert Cohen, Ph.D.

Professor of Developmental Psychology; Coordinator of Graduate Programs

Psychology Building. Room 340
Office Hours


Ph.D., Miami University
M.A., Miami University
B.A., University of Virginia

Research Interests

  • Children's Peer Relations
  • Peer Status and Popularity
  • Friendship Relationships
  • Respect and Peer Relations
  • Cultural Influences on Peer Relations
  • Children's Traditional and Cyber Aggression/Victimization
Recent Publications

  • Jobe-Shields, L., Cohen, R., Parra, G. P. (2011). Patterns of change in children's loneliness: Trajectories from third to fifth grades. Merrill-Palmer Quarterly, 57, 25-47.
  • Kuryluk, A., Cohen, R., & Audley-Piotrowski, S. (2011). The role of respect in the relation of aggression to popularity. Social Development, 20, 703-717.
  • Schoffstall, C. L., & Cohen, R. (2011). Cyber aggression: The offline social consequences for online offenders. Social Development, 20, 587-604.
  • Olsen, J. Parra, G. R., Cohen, R., Schoffstall, C. L., & Egli, C. J.  (2012). Beyond relationship reciprocity: A consideration of varied forms of children's relationships. Personal Relationships, 19, 72-88.
  • Jackson, C. L., & Cohen, R. (2012).  Childhood victimization: Modeling the relation between classroom victimization, cyber victimization, and psychosocial functioning. Psychology of Popular Media Culture, 1, 254-269.
  • Davidson, A. J., Walton, M. D., & Cohen, R. (2013). Patterns of conflict experiences that emerge in peer reports and personal narratives during middle childhood. Journal of Applied Developmental Science, 17, 109-122.
  • Zhang, F., You, Z., Fan, C., Gao, C., Cohen, R., Hsueh, Y. & Zhou, Z. (2014). Friendship quality, social preference, proximity prestige, and self-perceived social competence: Interactive influences on children's loneliness. Journal of School Psychology, 52, 511-526.