Nicholas W. Simon, Ph.D.

Nicholas W. Simon, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Experimental Behavioral Neuroscience

Psychology 416
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  • Ph.D. Texas A&M University
  • M.S. Western Illinois University
  • B.A. Carthage College

Research Interests

  • Neural Mechanisms of Reward and Decision-making
  • Cognitive and Neurobiological Factors Related to Addiction Vulnerability
  • Reward Processing Across the Lifespan

Recent Publications

  • Simon, N. W. & Moghaddam, B (in press). Methylphenidate has nonlinear dose effects on cued response inhibition in adults but not adolescents. Brain Research.
  • Kim, Y. B., Simon, N. W., Wood, J., & Moghaddam, B. (2016). Reward anticipation is encoded differently by adolescent VTA neurons. Biological Psychiatry, 79, 878-886.
  • Simon, N. W., Wood, J, & Moghaddam, B. (2015). Action-outcome relationships are represented differently by medial prefrontal and orbitofrontal cortex neurons during action execution. Journal of Neurophysiology, 114, 3374-85.
  • Simon, N. W., & Moghaddam, B. (2015). Reward processing in adolescent rodents. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, 11, 145-54.
  • Simon, N. W., Gregory, T. A., Wood, J., & Moghaddam, B. (2013). Differences in response initiation and behavioral flexibility between adolescent and adult rats. Behavioral Neuroscience, 127, 23-32.
  • Simon, N. W., Beas, B. S., Montgomery, K. S., Gilbert, R. J., Haberman, R. P., Bizon, J. L., & Setlow, B. (2013). Prefrontal cortical-striatal dopamine receptor mRNA predicts distinct forms of impulsivity. European Journal of Neuroscience, 37, 1779-88.