CHPE Lab Members

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Former Doctoral Students and Honors

Ashley M. Hum Clawson, M.S.
Currently on post-doc at Brown University. Interned at Kennedy Krieger/Johns Hopkins. Graduated 2014
curriculum vitae
2014 - Morton Thesis Award for Excellence in Graduate Research. Awarded for most outstanding thesis project at the University of Memphis.
2010 - Meritorious Student Abstract Award, Society for Behavioral Medicine
2010 - Child and Family Health Student Award for Excellence in Research, Society for Behavioral Medicine
2009 - Travel Awards equaling approximately $2,200
Awarded for conference presentations

Ashley Jackson
Currently employed at Memphis VAMC. Interned at Memphis VAMC. Graduated 2012

Khatidja Ali
Currently employed at Memphis VAMC. Interned at Memphis VAMC. Graduated 2010
Winner of First Generation Award, The University of Memphis

Katherine Veazy-Morris
Currently employed at Memphis VAMC. Interned at Memphis VMAC. Graduated 2008

Danette Garces-Webb
Currently employed at Research Genetics, Huntsville, Alabama. Interned at Memphis VMAC. Graduated 2008.
2004-2006 - Minority grant awarded from NIH: Smoking onset in a biethnic population.

Lisa Schum Kahalley
Currently employed at Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children's Hospital. Interned at Duke University. Graduated 2007
2005-2007 - F31 Dissertation research award from NIH for Tobacco Use in Survivors of Childhood Cancer

Leslie Throckmorton Belzer
Currently employed as director, Pediatric Psychologist Services, Los Altos, CA. Interned at Stanford University. Graduated 2004

Current Students

Amy S. Farrell, M.S.

Jeanelle Ali, M.S.

C. Elizabeth Womack