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Please CLICK HERE to view a short tutorial on subject pool participation before signing up for experiments.

To sign up for experiments, GO HERE (

Be sure to make a note of the TIME, ROOM NUMBER, EXPERIMENTER'S NAME, and THE EXPERIMENT NUMBER when you sign up for the experiment. If you forget these details, please visit the front office. However, do not visit the front office unless it is absolutely necessary. It is your responsibility to maintain the information necessary to reach the research study. The front office may NOT be able to help you find the location of your study unless you have these important details.

Canceling Experiments

Cancellation (without being penalized) is only permitted if it you cancel a full 24 hours before your scheduled participation.

  1. Sign into system.
  2. Click "My Schedule and Credits" (beside the picture of the calendar organizer).
  3. Find the experiment that you want to cancel in the list of experiments that you have signed up for.
  4. Click "Cancel" button (note that there are time limits set by individual experimenters for how long before the experiment that you can safely cancel without getting negative credit).
  5. Confirm cancellation by clicking "Yes I want to cancel" button.
  6. An email confirmation will be sent to yourself and the experimenter after you cancel.

Note: If you must miss an experiment that you signed up for (due to illness or an emergency), it is considered courteous to leave the experimenter a note in his/her mailbox (or preferably email) explaining why you did not show up for their experiment at the designated time. If there are multiple experimenter names, select any one of them and leave a message in only one box. These brief notes can be placed in the experimenter's mailbox in the mailroom, Room 203 of the Psychology Building. (Please note that the boxes in the mailroom are labeled with the owner's name above the box.) Therefore, place the mail under the name of the person to whom you are giving the mail. Please remember that the experimenters are busy students who have spent much time preparing the materials for their experiments. They carefully plan on subjects showing up so it is best if you can show up on time for those experiments for which you sign up.

If you cannot place a message in the experimenter's box, or cancel online, you can leave a message with the psychology main office by calling 678-2145. However, please try to supply them with as much of the following information as you can:

  1. Your name
  2. Your University of Memphis UID
  3. The name of at least one of the experimenters listed on the Sona System website
  4. The experiment number (or experiment name) you signed up for
  5. The day and time of the experiment you signed up for

Cancellation is considered courteous when it occurs 24 hours before your scheduled participation. If for any reason you do not complete an experiment (after arriving in a timely fashion), you will receive 1/2 hour for your time, regardless of time already spent.

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