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Almost any paper that is clean such as: printer paper, colored or white paper, books, phone books, magazines, paper bags, junk mail, newspaper, and index cards. Any paper that is contaminated, food wrappers, paper cups, napkins, paper towels, toilet paper, facial tissues and any kind of waxy or laminated paper. In bins marked as "PAPER ONLY". Located in most lobbies of University buildings.

Paper Bin


Any cardboard not contaminated like shoe, cereal, soda boxes, etc. Cardboard with heavy food residue like pizza boxes or has a waxy coating In slots located near dumpster areas of most buildings labeled "CARDBOARD RECYCLING, PLEASE FLATTEN BOXES"

Cardboard Bin


Plastic #1, #2, and #4 such as: plastic bottles, bags, cups, plastic food jars, milk jugs, and containers. NO STYROFOAM, shrink wrap, packing peanuts or anything contaminated with food residue. In bins located in lobby of most buildings, around vending machines and eateries. Plastic Bin

Aluminum Bin

All aluminum cans. No tin, pie pans, or aluminum foil. Can be placed in the same bins for plastics, even if the label reads "PLASTICS ONLY". Located lobbies, vending and eatery areas of most buildings. Aluminum Bin


All glass food containers, coffee/soup cans, etc. Please rinse before disposing. We do not take the glass consisting of mirrors, windows, pyrex/ceramic cookware, light bulbs, and glass tableware. Located near the dumpster areas of the dorms Mynder, Smith and Rawls, South, LLC and Richardson Towers. Also in Carpenter Complex between Architure and Design resident area.  


All batteries such as alkaline, re-chargeable, button, and lithium.   Batteries can be taken to the Supply Room 230 at the Ray Herzog building. WARNING: when collecting batteries. Some chemicals in batteries can mix and cause a fire. Please take directly to Supply room or tape sides with electrical tape.  

Ink/Toner Cartridges

All toner and ink cartridges.   Please recycle them yourself, if you have option to recycle cartridges through the product's company like Staples. This can often be a free process, or you can get money back and this will not cost the University. Otherwise, cartridges can be taken to the front desk of the Ray Herzog building or room 212 at the Book Store.  

Old Keys

Any keys.   Please take to the front desk of the Ray Herzog building.  
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