Staff and Services

Below you will find our staff, listed by service area, as well as a list of the major services provided by each area.

Administration & Technology

Services Provided

  • Registrar Office support for the Banner Student system and supporting systems (Self Service, Imaging, etc.)
  • Website development and maintenance
  • Banner student security administration
  • Documentation for Registrar procedures and processes
  • Evaluation/implementation of new technologies and procedures

Registration & Scheduling Staff

 Services Provided

  • Credit registration activities, processes, and procedures
  • Special registrations
  • Course offerings (class listings)
  • Notification of canceled or changed courses
  • Classroom assignments

Student & Faculty Services

Services Provided

  • Enrollment VerificationStudent requests for privacy (restricting directory information)
  • HelpLineAttendance reporting
  • Grade processing
  • Veterans Educational Benefits & Certification (advising; certification of eligibility for payment; active military, reservist, dependent, or vocational benefits; VA work-study)

Student Records

Services Provided

  • UofM Transcripts
  • Records Analysis (grade changes, incomplete grades, and retroactive enrollment changes; accuracy of academic records)
  • Document Imaging