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Editing the Faculty Dashboard

You can edit your Faculty Dashboard to alter its contents, something you cannot do with most portal channels.

Look in the upper right-hand corner of your Dashboard channel; you will see four small icons:

pen and other icons
  1. Pen icon (upper right-hand corner, left-most icon) - This edit icon is the only one discussed in any detail here, though the other icons/functions are listed for your information.
  2. Full screen icon (arrow; second from left) - This expands the channel so that it fills your entire screen. To restore the normal Faculty tab and channel view, click on "Back to Faculty Tab."
  3. Minimize channel icon (minus sign; third from left) - This compresses the channel and its contents to increase viewing space on the main screen. The "-" sign turns to a "+" sign; click on "+" to restore the normal channel view.
  4. Delete Channel icon (big "X"; right-most icon) - This deletes the channel. You probably do not want to do this. Once you delete it, you will have to restore the channel yourself if you want it back.

Click on the pen icon; you should then see the Faculty Dashboard Preferences screen:

edit preferences

  1. Links - Most likely, you will not want to alter these.
    • Class List - If you uncheck this, the Class icon/Summary Class List link will disappear from the main channel view.
    • Wait List - It does not matter whether this is checked or unchecked. We do not currently use wait-listing at the U of M.
    • Syllabus - If you uncheck this, the Syllabus icon/link will disappear from the main channel view.
    • Office Hours - If you uncheck this, the Office Hours icon/link will disappear from the main channel view.
    • E-mail Class - If you uncheck this, the e-mail icon/capability will disappear from the main channel view.
  2. From Term - This is the setting you will most likely want to adjust. Notice that the setting is a FROM term. The further back in time, you set here, the more likely you are to overload the channel's display capacity and, thus, receive the "There are too many courses..." message. The current term is probably the best setting to have.
  3. Number of Rows - Probably it is best to leave this at five. If you have more courses to display (without exceeding the channel's character capacity), then you will receive the "More" button and can view those classes.
  4. Sort Option - "Term" is the default, but you can change it to "Subject" if this makes sense for you.

Here is what the buttons at the bottom do:

  1. Back - This returns you to the normal channel view. If you don't want to make any changes on the Preferences screen, simply click "Back."
  2. Reset - This returns the channel's settings to their default value (Links=all checked; From Term=current term, rows=5, Sort=Term). After clicking Reset, click Apply confirm the change, then click Back to see the normal channel view.
  3. Apply - Click this to confirm any setting changes you have made. Then, click Back to return to the normal channel view.


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