Grading Notice: Fall 2017 End of Term (EOT) Faculty

Please be aware of the following grading information.

Grading Help:

  • Refer to the Registrar's Grading Guide for detailed instructions on using Faculty Self Service to record grades.

Grading Period:

  • Grading for the 2nd Half POT opens Wednesday, December 6.
  • Grading for the Full POT opens Friday, December 8.
  • All Fall grades must be entered in Faculty Self Service by
    10am, Monday, December 18.

Important Considerations:

  1. ALL students must be graded.
  2. Grades entered in eCourseware must also be entered in Faculty Self Service.
  3. Do not enter a date in the Last Attend Date column for students who complete the class (regardless of the grade). Use this column to report stopped-attending or never-attended dates for students who fail to complete the class.
  4. Enter any stopped-attending/never-attended dates by the end of the grading period.
  5. If a student never attends or stops attending and does not officially withdraw, you must assign a failing grade (F or U).
  6. Enter a grade for every student who does not have a W.  All students must be graded.
  7. Note that some students on your grade roster may have a name change. If you need assistance with verifying name changes, please call 678-3928.
  8. To verify that you have submitted all grades, review each final class roster.
  9. Academic status and grades are NOT directory information; do not release these to someone over the phone. You may discuss academic status and grades with a student in person.
  10. You may e-mail a grade to a student, but only to his/her UofM e-mail address. However, since students may access grades on Student Self Service after grades are official, this should not be necessary.

If you have any questions or need help, please call Student and Faculty Services at 678-3928.

- Posted 12/01/2017