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Faculty Research Grants 2007 - Funded Proposals

de Velasco, Antonio (COMM), “Centrist Blues: A Rhetoric of Political Longings in the Clinton Era”, $4,500.

Doris, Sara, (ART) “Modernity’s End: The Visual Art and Culture of the United States Pavilion at Expo ‘67”, $6,500.

Duenas-Vargas, Guiomar (HIST) “Public and Private Lives of Elite Families in 19th Century Colombia”, $3,078.

Gartner, T. Kent (BIOL) “Isolation and purificatble of an inhibitor of the first step of stable thrombus formation”, $6,500.

Graham, Sage (ENGL) “Hospitalk”, $4,500.

Harris, Lee (LAW) “Bargaining Defects in the Reverse Mortgage Process for Minority Homeowners”, $6,500.

Hutchinson, Susan (SWRK), “Through their Eyes: A Qualitative Study of the Dynamics of Teenage Pregnancy”, $6,000.

Iftekharuddin, Khan (EECE), “Improving Medical Utility of Fractal-based Techniques in Detecting Small Cancerous and Hard-to-detect Abnormalities”, $6,500.

Jarmulowicz, Linda (AUSLP), “Influence of Lexical-semantic Knowledge on Derived Word Production Tasks”, $6,450.

Lumsden, David (ESCI), “Lithostratigraphy of the Memphis Aquifer”, 5,250.

Mickelson, Andrew (ESCI), “A Pilot Study of the Prehistoric Archaeology of West Central Tennessee”, $6,400.

Roche, Timothy (PHIL), “Morally Virtuous Agents, Morally Wrong Actions and Moral Absolutes in Aristotle’s Ethics”, $4,500.

Sagrestano, Lynda (CROW), “Examination of Adolescent Experiences of Sexual Harassment in School”, $6,500.

Schmidt, Michael (ART), “Helping St. Jude Parents Make Difficult Decisions”, $4,900.

Smallwood, Arwin (HIST), “Indian Woods: At the Crossroads of Three Cultures”, $6,500.

Stockton, Michelle (HSS), “A Home-Based Weight Gain Prevention Intervention for Low-Income Preadolescent Females”, $6,500.

Swihart, George (ESCI), “Chert Sourcing: A Reconnaissance of the Chemical Heterogeneity of Chert in Bedrock in a Small Area along the Buffalo River, TN”, $6,115.

Urbano, Lensyl (ESCI), “Effect of Climate on the Pre-historic Populations of Middle-Tennessee”, $5,600.

Webster, Charles (CHEM), “Mind your P’s and O’s--Phosphoryl Transfer Enzymes: Transition-state Analogues and Catalysis”, $6,500.

Whitted, Kathryn (SWRK), “RIP: Can Early Intervention Interrupt the Trajectory of School Failure in an Urban Community”, $6,500.

Xu, Yonghong (CEPR) “Professional Networking and Career Development for Women Faculty in Male-dominated Disciplines”, $6,500.

Yang, Jin (JOUR), “Iraq War through the Lens of World Mass Media: A Comparative Study on how China, India and U.S. Newspapers Presented the Iraq War”, $3,175.

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