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Mississippi River Project: Day 10
We try to make multiple passes with the survey equipment when we find something of interest like faulting.  Yesterday we reran a second offset line from that on Day 8, but in looking at the processed data something didn’t look right.  On Day 8 we saw a gradual, upward bend of the fault in the deeper sediments, in looking at the processed data from yesterday the expression was more abrupt.  This is where you have to look at things with a critical eye and think outside the box.  We have two GPS units on our equipment, one on the Chirp and the second on the pneumatic sound device buoy.  Additionally, the Strong is outfitted with GPS systems….the runner boat has one too so we definitely know we were are :).  In looking at yesterday’s GPS path, we saw that our path was more of a wave than a straight, parallel path to the previous path (Day 8).  Let me again say that it is not an easy task maintaining an exact path on the MS River going backwards with a 300 ft trailer (the streamer).   We believed that is was our traverse of the river (the wave) that resulted in the fault expression to be more abrupt.

So today we reran the section again keeping as best we could a straight, parallel path to Day 8’s line.  It went well.  We processed the line this evening and the fault image was more gradual thus validating our thought that our previous path down the river had influenced the shape of the folded strata.

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