The Mississippi River Project
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Mississippi River Project: Day 7

Following the floatation experiment of yesterday, the data suggested that our streamer was still towing deep, around 12-15 ft.  We’d like for it to be around 3-5 ft.  So, we added more floatation along its length, recording each location for foam so we could be strategic in the assessment of the depth data at the end of the day. 

We might have gotten a little over zealous with the foam as by mid-morning we could at times see the streamer come floating to the surface.  So we reeled it in, took some foam off the tail (furthest distance from the stern and thus closest to Dolly, the tail buoy), and sent it back out, watching closely the remainder of the day for its rise to the surface again.

Luckily it stayed out of sight.

We have two air compressors, one big and one small, which build and maintain the pressure at 2000 psi, the amount we need for the energy source.  The small one took a turn for the worse and stopped working.  Without it we would have a difficult time maintaining the pressure we need.  Often machines have LEDs that, based on some sequence of blinking or color, help you to decipher the problem at hand.  Well the little compressor LEDs were blinking six times.  That was not in the manual.  Calling the manufacturer, they were surprised (never a good thing) saying they never seen that one.  Nice.  Steffen, who runs this equipment for numerous projects all over the world, working with the Chief on the Strong, James, together figured out that the computer monitoring box was lose and that by rigging a piece of foam between the box and the inside wall firmed the box in-place and the little compressor started running again.  Awesome job, Steffen and James!

Interestingly, on the way to the boat ramp we again ran (not literally) into another deer making a swim across the muddy waters from Mississippi to Arkansas.  I guess that marketing calling Arkansas the natural state is really getting around.

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