The Mississippi River Project
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Mississippi RIver Project: Day 8

Still experimenting with the streamer towing depth, we removed more foam from the streamer.  We think we have it now--let’s hope so.

The day started hot as any day in the south does during summer.  There is really no reprieve unless to step into the office on the barge or the galley.  Both have air conditioners, so the research team takes turns between being outside and inside.  Neither the computers nor the streamer and energy source can go unmanned.

We’ve been averaging about 12 miles a day for the last few days.  Bad weather, long transit times in the morning and evening, and the compressor malfunction have hampered our progress.  We’d like to be hitting 15 miles a day.  Today, no glitches.  15 miles today!

The rain that hit the Mid-South (again) didn’t slam us until later that evening after dinner.  The clouds charging the leading edge of the front provided us some much-appreciated shade in the late afternoon.  Later that evening I had to make a run to Walmart to get food for lunch the following day.  That’s when the rain hit hard.  I didn’t want to get out of the vehicle and get drenched though only 30 ft from the door.  Other brave souls were making the dash.  I’d just wait it out.  Well, when the wind picked up and starting shaking the SUV and shopping cart speedily zipped by with no one at the helm, I decided that I’d be better off hiding in a back storage area or bathroom than possibly taking flight in a SUV meant for road travel.

So, drenched, I entered Walmart, made my transaction, re-drenched myself on my frantic run back to the SUV.  I made it safe and sound to my hotel room, but just a few doors down it started to rain (leak that is) in Beatrice’s room.

Crazy storms!

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