Research Disclosure

This is a reminder to all faculty members about the importance and benefits of filing research disclosure forms with the Office of the Vice President for Research. Disclosures are critical to the legal process for protecting the confidentiality of the research and are essential to many of the legal requirements surrounding patent eligibility. Inventors should be aware that certain acts (for example, disclosure of the invention in an academic journal prior to filing a patent application) can constitute an absolute bar to patent protection.

Finally, the disclosure forms allow the University to aid the participating faculty members to begin assessing, where appropriate, the potential commercial viability of any inventions or other products of the research. Commercialization creates the potential for increased income for both the participating faculty members and the University. University of Memphis Policy 1607, "Intellectual Property" outlines the responsibilities of faculty members regarding disclosure to their respective institutions of an invention or a copyrightable work that could reasonably be expected to have commercial value.

Faculty are generally responsible for disclosing such inventions and works whenever they have been developed:

  • within the scope of the faculty member's regular employment;
  • pursuant to a project sponsored by the University;
  • with significant use of University resources;
  • pursuant to externally sponsored research agreements.

Use the Invention Disclosure Form (Word document) and Copyrightable Work Disclosure Form (Word document).

We encourage all faculty engaged in research projects to file research disclosure forms with the Office of the Vice President for Research. Questions about filing research disclosure forms should be directed to Dr. Andrew Meyers, Vice President for Research, ext. 2590.