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Last Updated Aug 4, 2004
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Comprehensive Standards 3.2.1:

The governing board of the institution is responsible for the selection and the evaluation of the chief executive officer.

The Institution Certifies Compliance: Yes

Compliance report completed by: Audit Team 2

Statement of Rationale for Judgment of Compliance:

The Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) is responsible for the selection and employment of the chief executive officer of the University of Memphis (UofM). [1] The current chief executive officer of the UofM, President Shirley C. Raines, was appointed to the position following a nation-wide search conducted by TBR; [2] she began serving on July 1, 2001.

In TBR institutions, the president is the chief executive officer of the institution, and the chancellor is the chief executive officer of the TBR.  TBR policy stipulates that the chancellor, on behalf of the TBR, evaluates the performance of each president of a TBR institution. [1] The evaluation is to be conducted annually, and, at a minimum, the chancellor considers these aspects of the president’s performance:

  • accomplishment of annual objectives at the institution;
  • demonstrated ability to serve as the leader of a campus community, including such factors as the ability to organize, make decisions, motivate others, communicate, maintain strong external relationships, and develop other leaders; and
  • commitment to the institution and the system and to the implementation of TBR policies.

To implement this policy, at the end of each academic year the chancellor requests from the UofM president a report addressing the outcome or current status of predetermined annual goals, which include both personal and university objectives. On the basis of the president’s response and other information, the chancellor conducts an assessment of the president’s job performance. This assessment is communicated to the president by the chancellor. Since joining the UofM in 2001, President Shirley C. Raines has been evaluated once a year, on October 8, 2002, and on August 18, 2003. Minutes of the TBR meeting in September 2003 noted that the evaluation had been conducted. [3]

Relevant Organizational Unit(s):

Tennessee Board of Regents; Office of the President

Supporting Documentation and Evidence:

[1] TBR Policy 1:03:03:00 Selection and Retention of Presidents
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[2] TBR Press Release, January 30, 2001, Dr. Shirley Raines Named President of UofM
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[3] Minutes from the TBR September 26, 2003 meeting
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